Where To Watch The 2018 World Cup In Festac Town & Mile 2 in Amuwo Odofin

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The 2018 World Cup takes place 14 June -15 July in Russia. We’ve pulled together a selection of places to Watch The 2018 World Cup in Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria that’ll be screening some or all of the matches (here’s the full tournament schedule).

It’s by no means a comprehensive list, and if you want to watch a specific match, it’s worth checking that the venue will be screening it.

There are far too many venues showing the football for us to list them all, so we would just be listing out Top 3 in the selected areas.

But if you know anywhere great that we’ve missed, add it in the comments at the bottom to let other Festaconliners readers know. If you are a fan of football in Lagos, there is no need for staying in your home or some local joints to watch a watch.

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You can enjoy a game in a cosy and exciting environment that has been built with affluence and comfort.

You can scream, hug, cry and make friends in the nine places that we have found in Festac Town & Mile 2 axis of Amuwo Odofin for your football fantasy.

You would be glad that you came to any of these football spots.

So here’s our top places where you could view the world cup in Festac Town, Lagos.

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1. Roppongi Bar, 1st Avenue (Direction)

One of Festac Town’s popular hangout bar and club. Watching a match here is priceless especially with location and great servings of refreshments. Have you watched a  football match here before?

2. Grasshoppers Place, 1st Avenue (Direction)

Just close to Roppongi is Grasshoppers Place which houses the club and lounge. here there is an open door lounge to chill and watch your favourite team play. Have you watched a  football match here before?

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3. FadaLand, 3rd Avenue (Direction)

One of the hidden spots and lounges in Festac Town. Fadaland is located on 3rd avenue Festac town and is another spot for you to watch a football match with their specially prepared delicacies. Have you watched a  football match here before?

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4. Cladon Sports Bar & Lounge, 1st Avenue (Direction)

One of our favourite places to watch the world cup or any other football match in Festac Town is Cladon lounge 1st Avenue Plot 13 Opposite F Close.

Have you watched a  football match here before?

Where to watch the 2018 World Cup in Mile 2

5. Zizi’s Sports Bar (Direction)

One of the sports bars in Amuwo Odofin that showcases their prowess for the love of football. This is where watching football makes sense because of the cosy environment and the screens that are inside this place This is a got to place to view any football match in the Mile-2-Amuwo Axis. Have you watched a  football match here before?

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6. Swiss Park (Direction)

Another popular bar is Swiss Park located just after the Festac Link Bridge. Its one interesting place to watch a football match especially with the number of people that do turn up. Have you watched a  football match here before?

7. Synergy

If you live in Mile 2 axis of Amuwo-Odofin, Synergy is one very popular location where football is always viewed and very affordable. Have you watched a  football match here before?

8. Brazillian Domain

Another just Football viewing spot is Brazillian Domain located just opposite Hope centre (The redeemed church) along Durbar Road, Mile2.

9. MamaJay

If you never heard of Mamajay then you are missing, it’s a popular hangout spot where you can watch Football Matches. Have you watched a  football match here before?

Where to watch the World Cup in Amuwo Odofin So we have listed our choice places to where to watch the world cup in Festac and Mile2, Where do you watch the football match?

Did we miss any of your favourite places? 

Comment them below so we can  add them up

This article appeared first in Festaconline

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