The recently launched news app developed by Opera has reached 10 million downloads in Africa barely six months since its launch in January 2018. Opera News, which provides users with easy access to their favourite news and entertainment content, experienced a spike in downloads after its recent update included a football World Cup channel and other football-related features. In February, Opera broke the 1 million download milestone in less than four weeks after its release.

According to results from AppAnnie from June 2018, Opera News is the most downloaded news app in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and Tanzania. It has also been receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback. According to information from the Google Play Store, the app has received thousands of user ratings, out of which 80 per cent of them gave it five stars.

Tech and football in one place


The spike in Opera News downloads is a result of the app’s introduction of new World Cup features, which keep football fans up to date with the results of the largest football competition in the world. They can now follow live scores as well as tables and fixtures of the group stage and the knockout stage.

“We are extremely excited to see that more than 10 million people across Africa chose Opera News, making it the No. 1 ranking news app on the continent,” said Jørgen Arnesen, Global Head of Marketing and Distribution at Opera. “Africa is crazy about football and so are we. That’s why it’s a pleasure to update Opera News with features designed for football World Cup fans.”

Opera News users can also follow their favourite teams by using an improved “Follow” feature in the app. It allows them to get more personalized information about their favourite teams.

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“The app becomes more and more personal and makes it easier for users to find all the information they need about their favourite teams,” said Arnesen. “Opera News users will always get fresh and new content related to the World Cup thanks to our AI technology which gathers top articles for them.”

A light companion for everyday life

The lightweight Opera News app not only provides users with the best news and articles but also saves storage space on devices.

Launched on Jan 9, 2018, Opera News is a news app with a powerful recommendation engine powered by artificial intelligence designed to keep people up-to-speed on all the things they love to read and watch. It delivers a variety of trending news and entertaining videos and gets smarter with each use, using machine learning to tailor content for the individual. In addition to delivering great content, Opera News also saves up to 80 per cent of the users’ mobile data usage thanks to its unique data-saving capabilities. Opera News is available for download from Google Play in 16 languages.

What you didn’t know about Opera

Since its founding in 1996, Opera has been a pioneer in shaping the future of the internet.

Providing faster and more innovative web browsers, Opera is the everyday browser of choice for more than 350 million people.

Opera Software AS is a privately held company and is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Follow their news here

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