FMN Group Introduces Golden Penny Garri (Pictures)


Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc (FMN Group), a market leader in food and agro-allied products in Nigeria, has introduced the Golden Penny Packaged Garri, in a bid to create an affinity between consumers and made-in-Nigeria products.

The FMN Group’s mantra, “Feeding the Nation, Everyday,” is at the heart of the company’s strategic decisions on what they produce, how and where factories are set up, the level of care that is put into products, and how they interact with host communities and the wider environment.

FMN Group Introduces Golden Penny Garri (Pictures) - Brand Spur

According to its management, the brand is introduced into the market to offer consumers something different from what they buy from the open market. FMN Group is conscious of the health of the Nigerian consumers, it is our belief that the Golden Penny Garri will fill this gap and help consumers to make a better choice.


The Golden Penny Garri is introduced as an affordable staple food choice for consumers to enjoy with an array of local foods to combine with. It is adjudged swell more than the regular garri as well as “Dry & Crunchy” and fortified while delivering a tasty and delicious Ijebu Garri appeal.

FMN Group Introduces Golden Penny Garri (Pictures) - Brand Spur

The Golden Penny Garri is available in 2KG pack sizes.

Since its incorporation in 1960, developing the capacity of local production has been a key focus of the FMN business operation in Nigeria. For more than five decades, the leading food and agro-allied business in Nigeria have invested billions of dollars in the Nation’s quest to produce high quality and affordable products from local raw materials. This is in order to boost self-sufficiency, diversify the economy, reduce the nation’s reliance on imports, save foreign exchange, and provide the nation with valuable exports.

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Today, several products from the dominant food and agro-allied company in Nigeria are the embodiment of Made-in-Nigeria. TFI High-Quality Cassava Flour, Golden Penny Oil, and Golden Penny Sugar are produced from scratch to seal by raw materials that are locally sourced to meet the nation’s demand for quality and affordability giving previously dominant imports a run for their money.

High-Quality Cassava Flour is milled at Thai Farm International in Ososa, Ogun State with raw materials from Shao Farm. Shao Farm is the largest commercial cassava farm in Nigeria with over 5,000 hectares of arable land in Shao village just outside Ilorin, Kwara State. The harvested cassava tubers are supplied primarily to Thai Farm International (TFI) cassava flour plant. Today, FMN is the largest producer of High-Quality Cassava Flour in the country.