“People Are Doors”


I heard the story of a man who got the information that changed his career’s paradigm from the driver to his company’s CEO. The driver listened in on a conversation while driving his boss and told this man. Obviously, this man has been good to him. The man aligned himself based on the information and his career changed levels!

Dear Christian professional, make it a duty to be kind to the security man at the gate, office assistants and cleaners at your office. When there is going to be a ‘rumble’ at work, these ‘seemingly insignificant’ people are always the first to pick up on it. And they relay it to any member of staff who is in their good books.

“People are doors”, so says one of my mentors, Poju Oyemade. And they can be doors to massive things in your life and career.

Naaman was an army general, a powerful man, but a leper. He was a type of the modern day CEO, MD, CFO, COO, etc. But it was the servant girl in his home that was the door to his healing.

Joseph became the PM of Egypt through the recommendation of a butler. It was a lowly, simple girl that got heaven’s nod for being the mother of Jesus. Be kind to people, especially the ‘small fry’. They may be the key to the fulfilment of your prayers!

Written by: Sola Sorinolu(Christian Educator, Writer, Speaker, and Columnist)

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