World Contraception Day (WCD) is a global campaign with a vision to ensure that every pregnancy is wanted. Its mission is to improve awareness of contraception with more emphasis on enabling young people to make informed decisions on sexual and reproductive health and rights.

The theme for this year’s World Contraception Day held on September 26th is “Your life, your responsibility”. This day has been set aside since the year 2007 to create awareness of the issues surrounding the use of contraceptives across the globe. This year’s theme is a call-to-action for all sexually active people to stop allowing the society, family, religion or environment to determine whether or not they are allowed to use a contraceptive. Rather because they are the most affected by unwanted pregnancy, they should be the main determinant of what to use and when to use it.

On this day, we celebrate how far DKT has come in using social marketing to increase the accessibility and availability of contraceptives across Nigeria. DKT Nigeria’s contraceptive and family planning services have been channelled to reach everyone especially the poor, rural and young populations who have limited access to reproductive health services. Over the years, we have been able to inform couples, young adults, and mothers to make healthy life choices when it comes to sex and family planning.

As we celebrate today, we would also like you to remember that the battle is not yet won when currently 45 million Nigerian women are of reproductive age and there are still 2.7million abortions occurring annually. So, together we have to keep spreading the word and raise awareness about contraception and prevention of unplanned pregnancy because it is your life and your responsibility to be sharp enough to make the right choices and live a better life for you and the ones you love.
As part of our social marketing activities and in line with pushing this year’s WCD theme, we have a week-long plan of communication events both online and offline to encourage the use and adoption of contraceptives by sexually active Nigerians.

We will kick off the day with a live session on our Instagram handle @honeyandbanana featuring an upcoming contraceptive advocate @sentnurse on Instagram on September 26th by 12noon. That same day, we will give out condoms at various locations and this will continue till Friday 28th September at Yaba.

To be a part of all our programs, follow us on our social media platforms@honeyandbanana, @postpill, @fiestanaija and @lydiaiud.

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