Hurray! A major aviation milestone has just been achieved by CAVERTON HELICOPTERS – the AW139 intermediate twin-engine helicopter fleet has reached an outstanding milestone of 50,000 flight Hours, across all operational scenarios. This feat was achieved in just 7 years, while performing a wide range of missions, primarily rendering logistics, medical evacuations and environmental support services to the Nigerian Oil and Gas producers, as well as supporting energy operations along the West African shelf.

In the aviation industry, the 50,000 flight hour mark is an important benchmark for fleet operators and represents a measure of consistency, safety and operational excellence. Obviously delighted with this development, Mr Sean Ward, Technical Director had this to say, “This milestone represents the culmination of nearly 7 years hard work, both in saving lives and ensuring our passengers get to and from the workplace safely. It is a testament to all our flight crews, Engineering and Operations teams that we have flown these aircraft under challenging conditions, year-in, year-out”

The AW 139 is a next-generation twin-engine medium-sized helicopter manufactured by AgustaWestland (now Leonardo Helicopters). CHL took delivery of its first AW139 in 2012 and has subsequently expanded the current AW139 fleet to 10 aircraft becoming the largest operator of the AW139 in Africa.  The AW 139 will continue to be an important part of the entire feet as the company continues to expand the business and become the helicopter operator of choice in the West African oil and gas industry. Congratulations to Caverton Helicopters for reaching this all-important aviation milestone!

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