Caverton Helicopters has once more broken new ground in what appears to be a relentless quest for excellence and provision of value to the aviation industry. The company was recently presented with an Authorized Training Organization (ATO) certificate by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority. Qualifying for this designation was no mean task – apart from the requirement to have qualified and experienced instructors for all intended course offerings, the company invested in the construction and equipping of classrooms, training equipment, preparation of training manuals and documents; a process which was painstakingly supervised by a team of NCAA officials to ensure that ICAO standards for consistency and content were met.

As an ATO, Caverton Helicopters is now authorized to offer approved Training courses and certifications to the entire aviation industry in the following subject areas – Dangerous Goods Regulations (Category 1-6), Crew Resource Management, Fire Safety and Basic First Aid, Radio Telephony, Helicopter Landing Officer Training and Aviation English Proficiency. These courses will diversify the company’s revenue sources and save ground operations training costs for many airlines and industry clients. In addition, Caverton Helicopters has moved a step closer to becoming a total aviation solutions provider and not just a helicopter services company.  Congratulation, Caverton Helicopters!  See various pictures of the ATO, the certificate award ceremony and reception by the COSG Chairman, Mr. Aderemi Makanjuola.


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