“Success Through Synergy”- A Black Tie Business Dinner in the posh London Kensington Copthorne Tara Hotel.


The Business Group UK… introduces A Black Tie Business Networking / Gala night & Dinner Event – themed Success through Synergy” takes place on the 18th Nov 2018 at 6 pm prompt. We will be having prominent key guest speakers on the ground with the opportunity to bring in good business links and great networking.

My Name is Olugbenga Kunuyi, the convener of The Business Group. It gives me great pleasure in putting together this year’s Black Tie networking Dinner even titled “Success through Synergy”.
IT is a known fact that the black race is the most deprived, undervalued, undermined and least achieved of all races. Despite being the most endowed continent, Africa remains the most undeveloped and unstable continent in the world. Never the less, we are beginning to experience a movement amongst young entrepreneurs all over Africa which is quite pleasing.
The Business Group is a virtual group of people comprising of mainly Nigerian Businessmen and women, highly sought after Professionals, Investors and Entrepreneurs in the UK, Nigeria, America and some other parts of the globe. The main purpose for starting this group is to create a stimulating avenue for Black Africans to form a strategic partnership, collaborate, engage in business activities as well as patronise each other as the Jews do.
We believe it is time to pursue, overcome, subdue and dominate. We have identified the need to complement rather than compete with each other. Though we have a handful of highly successful business moguls such as some of the speakers coming to the event and some members of the group, there is a greater need more than ever to reproduce more successful people.
One of the main purposes for this event is to inspire and challenge people in order for them to experience a paradigm shift. Like last year’s event, we hope no one will return the way they came but remember that you are what you think, not what you think you are.
Finally, make sure you put to use all that you learn because it is not enough to know but to have it and use it. For the world to one day stand at attention, you need to add action to your intention.
This Event comes with a 4-course meal and entertainment with a lot of Networking and good business packages to take advantage.  Look out for more great information…hurry and take advantage of the early birds offer. First 50 Guest @£50

Register here for the event…

I remain your host…
Olu Kunuyi
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