5 Life Lessons Every Business Person Can Learn from MultiChoice


MultiChoice has quickly become one of the most recognised brands in Africa and it’s not hard to see why. Apart from parenting two of the biggest content platforms DStv and GOtv, the company is also responsible for a number of engaging television programs and of course, the glamorous Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA). It is easy to see why any intelligent business person would want to structure their business after this tried and true model.

While there is more than a handful of lessons we can take away from this successful brand, here are our top five.

1. Be your biggest advertiser: You’ve probably seen a viral tweet where someone asks the funny statement: “If DStv can advertise DStv on DStv, then I can like my own posts.” While this is a funny statement, its one that should turn on a light bulb for every business mind. Every business should always have its competition in mind and with this mindset, should not ever take its customers’ attention for granted. This is the simple logic behind DStv’s cute self-promotional clips.

2. Consistency Is Key: This is a clichéd truism that every business person has heard time and time again but remains ever relevant. From hosting six consecutive editions of the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA) to providing the best football action on cable TV year after year, MultiChoice has not only remained consistent, but excellent every inch of the way.

3. Be as Inclusive as Possible: Whether it is having hosts from different African nations for the annual AMVCAs or simply making sure that each country has a presence that’s tailored to their culture, MultiChoice has a tradition of giving everyone a seat at the table. This is a very important business lesson because not only does this increase your client base, but it shows your customers that you truly care about catering for their individual needs, whatever that may be.

4. Stand Up for Yourself: Unless you’ve been living under a really large rock, then you know MultiChoice has been having a legal tussle with the CPC. As opposed to caving in, however, the brand chose to fight for their rights. No matter how big or small the business is, you will have to contend with external forces and its utmost to remember to put up a good fight.

5. Always be excellent: One of the reasons DStv has been able to remain at the very top in their industry all these years is because no one can take away from the quality of their programs and service. In more ways than one, MultiChoice’s level of masterful operation remains unmatched. Nothing speaks for you better than the quality of your work.