The #OutsideInChallenge


Recently Social Media was agog with Facebook’s #10yearchallenge. As expected Brands, Agencies, influencers, celebrities, politicians, NGOs etc joined. Knowingly or unknowingly we all shared sometimes ‘Inside’ us to – the ‘Outside’ world. We shared beliefs, inner strengths & capabilities; we celebrated achievements and successes.

Let’s pause and think about the ingenuity of Mark’s Team. It took considerable ingenuity to develop such a great idea. Trying to unbundled the campaign I am assuming the team adopted an ‘Outside in’ approach. Facebook (FB) understood the power of putting consumers at the centre. It harnessed the insight hinged on the psychological benefit to nostalgia.

FB’s ‘outside in’ understanding of consumers helped the Social Media giant know that reminiscing nostalgic events & activities is satisfying, people feel confident about their achievement & optimistic about their future. And with this is the drive to share & celebrate this feeling with others. FB & its other social sites used this campaign to reconnect with ‘lost users’. Recently FB has been losing users, the business challenge is to bring back lost community members. The solution was the birth of #10yearchallenge. Something for Brand Managers to think about.

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Mark and his team deserve some accolades!’

Written by: Dolapo Otegbayi, an accomplished and seasoned Senior Marketing Professional with over 15 years’ experience in all aspects of Commercial Business; encompassing Consumer and Shopper Marketing. She is one of the top 50 Marketing Communication Professional in West Africa (7th MWA 2017).