Heineken N.V. publishes combined financial and sustainability Annual Report 2017


Heineken N.V. published its combined financial and sustainability Annual Report 2017. HEINEKEN firmly believes in integrating sustainability in its business, therefore the company’s sustainability strategy ‘Brewing a Better World’ is one of its four business priorities.  

HEINEKEN’s financial highlights have been reported in its 2017 Full-Year results media release published on 12 February 2018, which can be downloaded from the company website.

Together with the 2017 Full-Year results, HEINEKEN announced its ‘Drop the C’ programme for renewable energy. The company aims to grow its share of renewable thermal energy and electricity in production from the current level of 14% to 70% by 2030. To drive a real change towards renewable energy the brewer will not purchase unbundled certificates to meet its reduction targets. Beyond production, in the next two years, new science-based reduction targets will be set for distribution, cooling and, for the first time, packaging.

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HEINEKEN’s 2017 sustainability highlights include the following:

  • HEINEKEN has surpassed its 2020 target for COemissions in production by reaching 6.1 kg CO2 e/hl, down from 6.5 kg CO2 e/hl in 2016 (a 41% decline since 2008). Emissions decreased in absolute terms as well: even though production volumes were 57% higher in 2017 than in 2008, emissions were 7% lower.
  • Average water consumption in water-stressed areas decreased to 3.2 litres of water per litre of beer (2014: 3.8). Global average water consumption remained stable compared to last year and decreased 29% compared to 2008, the baseline year for the 2020 commitments.
  • 28% of main raw materials came from sustainable sources (2016: 17%) with 42% of our agricultural raw materials used in Africa and the Middle East sourced locally. However, there is more to be done in sourcing agricultural raw materials used in Africa after challenging economic conditions impacted the ability to source locally within the continent.
  • 10% of total Heineken® media spend was dedicated to responsible consumption campaigns, in more than 70% of operating companies in scope.

The full Heineken N.V. 2017 Annual Report can be accessed and downloaded from the company website www.theHEINEKENcompany.com.

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