AXA Mansard Insurance introduces Education Plan Product

AXA Mansard

In response to the growing needs of its customers and as part of its quest to ensure continuous access to quality education, AXA Mansard Insurance has launched its revamped education plan product.

AXA Mansard Insurance introduces Education Plan Product - Brand Spur

In a statement made to reporters, the firm’s Managing Director, Kunle Ahmed stated that the  plan was designed to reward customers for their loyalty and assist parents achieve their lofty goals for their children in terms of education.

He said customers would have  access to a free yearly health check and receive three months’value of their premiums in the first five years of policy period.

He said: “These rewards align with our continued focus on living benefits as well as promoting healthy living in our society. The plan gives parents and guardians the opportunity to ensure they have funds for educational expenses of their child(ren)/wards, especially when they reach university entry age.

“It also ensures that their education is not derailed in the event of any unforeseen circumstance, such as death or permanent disablement of the parents.”