Maltina is rolling out a new campaign series

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With a clear intent to remain a brand whose essence is to continually share happiness, Nigeria’s number one family nourishing drink, Maltina is rolling out a new campaign series which seeks to highlight the happy moments that brings genuine smiles on the faces of Nigerians. Tagged “Happiness in the Little Things”, the initiative is aimed at showcasing the brand’s willingness to be part of the little moments and activities that bring happiness to the life of an everyday Nigerian. The campaign which will run in series will have each one highlighting different little moments in which people derive joy from. Happiness comes in various ways and forms. It could come from instances as random as getting back home after a long day and taking off those seemingly tight shoes, or from finding a charging point when your battery is one per cent. It is that feeling when you find that last piece of suya after you thought it was finished. No matter how personal or insignificant, Maltina seeks to urge Nigerians of the need to embrace these moments by connecting with them and amplifying its stance on sharing happiness. For many years and through different initiatives, Maltina has and continues to enrich the lives of Nigerians with special focus on its loyal consumers who have in turn helped to position it as the country’s number one malt drink. From refreshing BRT bus commuters with nourishing cans of free Maltina to partnering with some of the most family-oriented events such as the AY Live, Gbenga Adeyinka’s Laffmattazz, Nick Fest, just to mention a few, Maltina always find unique ways to put smiles on the faces of Nigerians – be it man, woman, young adults and children. It is hoped that this campaign will teach Nigerians to imbibe the culture of happy living, understand the importance of always celebrating the tiniest happy moments, learn to share that infectious happy vibe around with friends and even strangers. With Maltina, everybody becomes family. Maltina is specially made from natural ingredients to give the complete richness. The refreshing malt drink is fortified with Vitamins and Calcium for healthy families which makes it remains the category leader with its innovations and message to share happiness.
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