Average price of Smartphone in Nigeria drops to $95


The average price of smartphones continues on a downward trajectory, as it dipped to US$ 95 in 2018, from US$ 117 in 2016, and US$ 216 in 2014, the latest report by Nigeria Mobile Report by Jumia has shown.

This development is laudable as again, the major driver of this trend is attributed to the influx of Asian brands specifically targeted for the Nigerian market.

According to the report, this trend is largely driven by the entry of affordable phones from China into the market.

Asian brands have consistently enjoyed massive patronage because of their Africa-specific strategy of introducing lower price point smartphones into the Nigerian market.


In 2018, FeroSamsungNokiaInfinix and Tecno remained the customers’ favourites and the top-selling mobile brands on Jumia. It is interesting that a one time king of mobile phone, Nokia is gradually returning to the limelight, riding on its durability claim. Infinix continues to lead the pack, year on year.

Nigeria’s largest commercial city, Lagos, had the highest number of mobile phone orders in 2018, followed by Abuja, Rivers (Port Harcourt), Edo, and Delta. The mobile phone category still remains one of the top-selling categories on the Jumia website.

Some 700 million new mobile subscribers from various countries across the world will push the total number of global mobile subscribers to 6 billion between now and 2025.

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Nigeria has been identified among these countries, with others being India, China, Pakistan, Indonesia, USA, and Brazil.

According to the report, Nigeria has been identified among these countries, with others being India, China, Pakistan, Indonesia, USA, and Brazil.

It is predicted that Nigeria will contribute 4% of the estimated 700 million new global mobile subscribers, making it the only country in Africa marked with a significant contribution to increasing mobile penetration in the world. By this quota, it is expected that 28 million new mobile subscribers will emerge from Nigeria between 2019 and 2025, that is, an average of 7 million new mobile subscribers annually if the country is to meet its quota.

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