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Nigerian Breweries‘ new Gulder TVC has surprised fans and consumers with an all-new storyline that plays on the struggles we all experience on our journey to success.

As expected the new TVC has generated a lot of buzzes and here are the 5 reasons why we think the new commercial might just be the best one we’ve seen this year.

The Pressures From Family To Play It Safe.

Everyone has that family member, be it an uncle, a father, mother or even a sibling that just wants you to be safe and not take unnecessary risks; but as they say “no risks, no rewards”. Many of us want more out of our lives; better careers, and new adventures, but only a few take the risk to go pursue their dreams. And that’s why this TVC is very important as it encourages us to push the boundaries to ensure we get what we want.

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The Friends That Project Their Fears Onto You

Every great commercial has a great message and with the Gulder TVC, there’s the message of not allowing people to project their fears onto you. As Taraji P. Henson put it in 2017, “if you allow people to project their fears onto you, you won’t live”.

The Good-looking Lead Character


For the ladies, the TVC’s lead character is nothing short of the ideal man crush; from his build to his voice and good looks, the lead character ensures that everyone will be glued till the end.

 The Joy That Comes With Success

Success is sweet and what better way to celebrate it than over a cold glass of Gulder? The new TVC reminds us that as you go through your journey to success you stop to enjoy the happiness that comes with every step.

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 Celebrating the little wins

Speaking of little wins, the TVC shows the lead character celebrating every win no matter how small and that should be our default mode. No matter how minute, every win should be celebrated to remind us of how far we’ve come and how much work it took to get us here.

As far as TV commercials go, this one is certainly a great one and if Gulder’s new “Own Your Journey” messaging means we will be getting more content like this, then we’re always ready to celebrate each and every one of them over a cold glass of Gulder.

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