Here’s Why DC Universe Cancelled Swamp Thing So Fast


Despite doing well with critics and having barely gotten started with its first season, Swamp Thing has gotten the axe at DC Universe. From debunked rumours to behind-the-scenes drama, here’s a look at everything that led to this comics adaptation’s quick cancellation.

The first sign that the series was stumbling came even before the first episode aired on DC Universe in late-May, 2019. In mid-April it was reported production on Swamp Thing was being shut down early and that the show’s first season, originally planned for 13 episodes, was being whittled down to 10.

There was no word on exactly why Swamp Thing’s first season was cut short, but the news certainly didn’t boost fan confidence. Neither did a now-deleted Instagram post from one of the series’ cast members. Virginia Madsen, who played the troubled Maria Sunderland in Swamp Thing, wrote on her Instagram page:

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“I’m beyond sad. What a terrible decision. We have been cut to the core by those who have never set foot into the Swamp.”

Even executive producer James Wan admitted to being baffled by the decision to sink Swamp Thing, although he still encourages fans to check out the first season.

One of the earliest and most widespread speculations about the show’s sudden cancellation was made by writer John Gholson in a series of now-deleted tweets. The story, which has since been debunked, is that Swamp Thing was cut short because of an accounting error blamed on the state of North Carolina, where the series was filming.

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