Amstel Malta Steps Up the Game with Exclusive Lion King Animation Movie Premiere


Many of us will agree that watching Simba see his father, Mufasa fall to his death is very high on the list of the saddest things witnessed on-screen as kids. The Lion King animation was a classic movie that made us laugh, dance, cry and even turned some of us to professional musicians with all the amazing songs on the movie’s playlist.

It was, therefore, major news when the remake of the Lion King animation classic film was announced. Many people cleared their schedules to ensure that they would be very much available to see the movie immediately it hit the Nigerian cinema screens. People were literally counting down to the day when they would get a chance to relive their childhood experiences while watching the epic movie.

Considering the entire buzz going on about the movie, Amstel Malta took it as an opportunity to blow the minds of consumers with an exclusive one of a kind movie premiere. The Lion King movie premiere was a fascinating experience as attendees got a chance to not only see the movie before it hit the major screens but to experience what it felt like to be in Lion King’s ‘Pride Land’ with the Amstel Malta Jungle Festival.

Families came together to enjoy various games like Jenga, Foosball, Chess, Monopoly, Whot, Virtual Reality games and many others while sipping the delicious malt drink. They also got a chance to experience the movie premiere with top Nigerian stars like Dakore Egbuson, Enyinna Nwigwe and Tobi Bakre. With all the exciting activities lined up, it was difficult to determine for sure what experience was better; the Lion King Movie or The Lion King movie premiere.

Amstel Malta made the movie premiere an experience to be remembered. The brand has also sponsored other major movie premieres such as; Bling Lagosians as well as the new Tinsel episode that will be airing on the 27th of July.