Heineken Reinforces Category Leadership; unveils Sleek and Stylish new 33cl Cans (Photos)


Heineken, the world’s leading premium beer, has unveiled a stylish new design for its 33cl can at an exclusive event in Lagos. The new design comes complete with an all-new sleek can that is the first of its kind in the beer category in Nigeria.

The unveil event of the all-new can take place at the exclusive Heineken House in Lagos on August 30, 2019. There were live music performances, and pop advantage from the DJ in a glittering atmosphere coloured by consumers, partners, media personalities, NB top personnel, influencers, and sleek celebrities.

The Heineken brand has been a leader in innovation and design with a knack for fulfilling the desires of the stylish and chic. The new cans are very desirable especially in outdoor occasions because of Heineken’s green identity that envelopes the cans.

Reiterating the new design’s reflection of Heineken’s core values, the Marketing Director, Emmanuel Oriakhi expressed the brand’s commitment to innovative ideas, creativity and a true sense of style.

In his words, Emmanuel said,We at Heineken are very excited about this new design and product shape as we strive to consistently raise the bar in our consumer experience, with our packaging materials, activations and experiences. We are very confident that our consumers will share in the euphoria of these new cans and enjoy the experiences.”

The new cans are an off-shoot of Heineken’s quest to express style, renew self-confidence and make a bold statement.

Popularly known as The Chairman, Heineken is unique for its great taste, rich tradition and superior quality. With the new cans, Heineken raises its appeal to the upwardly-mobile, city folks who love to quench their thirst on-the-go, proving that only the chairman can.

The cans retain some of the brand’s easily recognizable features with more sensuality and is an authentic taste of the urban lifestyle, at the heart of popular culture with heightened functionality.

Bars, Lounge, Clubs and other retail units will relish this new velvety beer experience that promises a strong multicultural appeal, more traffic and sales. Its eye-catching signature is a recipe for after-work hangouts, easy conversations and positive energy.

With its presence in 192 countries worldwide, Heineken remains one of the world’s most consumed international beer brands, consistently upping the ante in providing consumers with unique, remarkable experiences.