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Oghas Tech introduces Oghas Fashion – an online platform that lets you BUY. SELL. SEW.
Technology is changing every industry in the world today, from transportation, medicine, real estate and recently fashion. With the amount of innovation happening these days, it only makes sense for fashion and technology to collide at some point.
Sew Online With Oghas Fashion
Technology today allows for so many possibilities. The application of technology to fashion can be seen across the board from “smart” clothes to new technologies being used to make bioengineered materials made with yeast cells in a laboratory.
“For technology, almost everything is possible.” – Co-founder, Oghas Tech.
Oghas Fashion is a fashion hub that connects everything related to fashion with a single click. It was created to bridge the gap between tailors and clients as well as creating valuable content.
Sew Online With Oghas Fashion
– It is a platform that allows you to find tailors and fashion brands online.
– It gives you the option to sew your desired outfit online
– It is a media hub where you can get information on all fashion-related content.
Oghas Fashion for a Tailor
It allows you to build a virtual shop where you can sell you’re ready to wear pieces. Everything that can be done in a physical shop can be done on this platform. It will also help designers expand their reach and audience which will ultimately increase their income.
Oghas Fashion for a Customer
Asides the fact that it offers you various options of tailors, brands and fashion designers to choose from, can also request to sew clothes online as well as buy ready-to-wear pieces.
Another great feature is the process of payment. It is very secure and transparent.
Sew Online With Oghas Fashion
Quality control is also topnotch. Even after you’ve located the tailor, Oghas Tech takes the responsibility of managing the process and the tailor hereby ensuring that you get your ordered item at the stated time. No excuses are given.
Oghas Fashion for a Fashion Lover
There’s something for fashion lovers on Oghas Fashion. Our media page is filled with information on fashion-related content like the latest articles, fashion events, trending news, videos on fashion programs, job offers related to fashion etc.
Oghas Tech is a technology company that is creating a market where everything is possible. It was founded in June 2018 and aims to increase the productivity and effectiveness of industries by the application of technology in these various sectors.
Visit Oghas and Buy Today
Twitter @OgahsTech
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Sew Online With Oghas FashionSew Online With Oghas Fashion


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Sew Online With Oghas FashionSew Online With Oghas Fashion

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