10 Essential Reasons Why You Need Health Insurance


Over time and ages, so many things have driven a man to take planned actions in order to achieve his desired goals; a successful career, brand new car, new apartment, relationship, financial freedom and lots more. Compared to everything put together, health is paramount.

You may have heard the popular saying;

Health is Wealth

The truth is wealth in whatever form doesn’t come close to health. This is a known fact to every human. And that is why consciously or unconsciously, we avoid whatever appears detrimental to our health. However, with all the cautious steps and preventive measures we engage in, nature happens and we find ourselves feeling funny when we least expect.

Illness, in most cases, happen irrespective of your preparation, whether financially or mentally. The last thing anyone wants is emptying their savings account to regain their health.

Medical emergency is the number one enemy of savings.

Naturally, there’s no chance for second thoughts when one’s health is at stake. An average human will offer everything he owns and even borrow more to redeem his health.

However, with the help of revolving health policies which seek to provide quality health care services to people at affordable rates – health insurance, you can always prepare for the uncertain by subscribing to this system.

The irony of life though is that people are comfortable insuring replaceable things like cars, houses, businesses, etc. but when they hear health insurance, they shy away from it. Perhaps, they think you should only insure what costs you money and since life is not bought, it should not be insured. Funny right.

You only live once.

That would be the highest misconception ever, and sadly, it has claimed fortunes and lives. Having a health insurance plan is the wisest decision you can ever make for yourself and your loved ones.

In this article, we will be detailing 10 essential reasons why you need health insurance.

1. Emergency or accident

We all pray and wish against emergencies, especially when it concerns our health. In the same vein, we also pray for protection over our businesses and assets. However, when it comes to our businesses, we often go beyond praying as we take steps to insure them in case of emergencies.

Just like we trust insurance plans to work on our assets, it would be wise to pray and hope for the best but also prepare for the worst.

This is an issue that is often treated with bias, especially in Africa. People often believe that insuring your health means you’re expecting for evil to happen to you. But does it also mean that we insure our assets because we expect things to go wrong? No, it’s just the best way to ensure that you have a back up when you are faced with emergencies.

2. Unexpected illness

This cannot be overstated. Everyone falls ill. Although, some people more than others. Regardless, the fact that you can fall ill when you least expect is the more reason why you should be financially prepared. People often think health insurance is not meant for young people because they rarely fall seek. Well, the truth still remains that life is unpredictable.

One who is strong and agile today may experience the direct opposite tomorrow. As much as we do everything in our power to steer clear of things that can jeopardize our healthy living, we should also see health insurance as a necessity as no one is certain of what can happen the next minute.

3. Pre-existing conditions

Health insurance is majorly built with the motive to make life better for everybody by providing quality healthcare services to everyone at an affordable cost. This is an opportunity everyone can leverage on.

Subscribing for a health plan is meant to cover the health expenses of subscribers. Therefore, it provides coverage for the health problems before the day they buy the plan and the ones that arise subsequently.

4. Improved regular check-up

When people begin to feel strange than their usual self, they often decide to sit it out or indulge self-medication which often worsens the situation. Most times, the reason behind this decision is the fear of exorbitant prices at the hospital.

However, with health insurance, you will be obliged to utilize your insurance plan by going for regular check-ups. By doing so, any serious illness will be noticed at the early stage and necessary health measures will be taken to curb it before it becomes more serious and requires more expenses. As they say, prevention is far better and cheaper than cure.

5. Self-worth

You insure properties because you acknowledge their worth right? If any part of your car needs repair, the amount of money you will spend to repair it is probably fixed. Have you paused to think about what it could cost if anything goes wrong?

Between your health and your properties, which has the highest value? You deserve health insurance just as like your properties.

6. Improved life expectancy

The life expectancy in Nigeria is the lowest in West Africa with 54.5%. Increase in health problems is the main cause of these low rates. This doesn’t mean that Nigerians fall sick more than people in other countries. It simply means that access to quality health care at affordable rates is very low.

However, if everyone leverages on the opportunities that health maintenance organizations (HMOs) offer, quality healthcare will be a thing for everyone.

7. Improved healthy lifestyle

When you subscribe to a healthcare plan with an HMO, you are privileged to enjoy the preventive services that your plan offers. This means you get to go to the hospital for regular checkups recommended for you, thereby discovering health issues early before they become serious.

Most people don’t buy the idea of medical checkups because they can’t just imagine themselves paying for a test which may not find anything wrong with them. But with health insurance plans, you will be offered packages that will allow for regular checkups that will assure you of your health state.

8. Affordable healthcare

Nothing is more dreadful than hospital bills obviously because it’s not what anyone wishes to pay. But when it comes, you cannot help but pay and most times, it not negotiable. However, if you subscribe to a health plan, you’ll enjoy is affordable healthcare.

This is because the HMOs doesn’t just negotiate for reduced healthcare cost but also cover a portion of the bill with respect to the plan subscribed to.

9. Quality healthcare

Most people opt for self-medication and substandard medical services just to avoid the cost of standard healthcare services. However, with health insurance, you can get the best medical services possible at an affordable rate making quality healthcare accessible to everyone, everywhere and anytime.

10. Employer’s cover is limited

Organizations that understand the benefits of health insurance often subscribe to a health plan that covers their employees. Nevertheless, individuals should subscribe for personal healthcare plans which will allow for specially tailored policies.

Besides, your work HMO works for you as long as you are with the company. What happens when you decide to change your job or start your own business? You don’t want to wait till then before you start planning for your health.


In today’s world, many people do not believe that they need health insurance. Perhaps, they don’t really know the importance.

Make health insurance an investment in your future. The honest truth is you won’t always be healthy but having health insurance will make this less of a financial burden on you and your loved ones.

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