Kirusa Nigeria’s Country Manager Opens Up On Work-Life, Communication And Tech Adoption In Nigeria

Kirusa Nigeria’s Country Manager, Mr. Oluseyi Akinnibosun.

Kirusa, is a global leader in communication solutions over data networks for consumers and enterprises, one of its key products is Kirusa Konnect, a cloud-based Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) and its Country Manager in Nigeria is Mr. Oluseyi Akinnibosun.

Kirusa Nigeria’s Country Manager, Mr. Oluseyi Akinnibosun.

A product of the Sunway University in Malaysia, the hardworking Mr. Akinnibosun appears co-operative, very observant and focused on delivering on Kirusa’s brand promise to Nigerians. He joined Kirusa in 2014 as an Account Manager and became the Country Manager for Nigeria in 2016. He has been working on numerous projects in that capacity since then.

Asked which aspect of his work experience excited him the most, Mr. Akinnibosun was quick to mention: “…developing new business relationships, maintaining old ones and delivering value to customers and stakeholders.”

His thoughts on Communication and Tech Ecosystem in Nigeria

Technology is a flourishing sector and an agent of change in Nigeria. It has impacted and modified various aspects of daily life, including communication. With advancements in technology, there have been improvements in the mode, speed, process and functionalities of communication. These have eased communication, added convenience, eliminated distance and made it more effective.

Along with personal communication, there has also been a transformation in the way enterprises communicate with their target audience. As a part of Kirusa, I have been witnessing how the company’s products and services are helping individuals & businesses fulfil various communication needs, enhance communication experience and get access to new features & functions. Kirusa has been introducing innovations and technologies that define the next generation telecom experience.

Technology has significantly impacted the evolution of enterprise messaging. Enterprises are looking for ways to leverage technology to deepen engagement and amplify communication with their audience. Kirusa Konnect, one of our solutions, an omnichannel Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) for enterprises helps bolster brand-customer engagement with chatbots, IP messaging, SMS and voice. It enables enterprises to reach more customers effectively over mobile channels. An enterprise has various reasons for communicating with their audience, and Kirusa Konnect offers multiple tools to help enterprises achieve their objectives in an efficient and pocket-friendly way. Kirusa Konnect was developed to support businesses with the most appropriate communication tools and enable them to connect and reach more customers effectively.

How enterprises and the general public can utilize technology

Technology has become an integral part of our lives, creating an influence on not just the daily activities but also on the complex aspects. With innovation and advancement taking place rapidly, every field and sector is witnessing massive shifts. However, it is eventually left to us how we choose to utilize technology. Whether used by an individual or a company, one must remember to use technology wisely and responsibly. Before using any technology, the person or company should be well aware of not just its pros but also if it has any cons. Technology severely impacts the society, and thus it is essential to know what the challenges, risks and consequences associated with a particular technology are.

Nigeria is one of the largest economies in Africa. Yet, some factors are causing a sense of concern for the country. One of them is the low adoption of technology at the micro and macro level. Lack of good infrastructure is one of the biggest hindrances for the adoption of technology tools in Nigeria. While the government is taking initiatives to improve the infrastructure, there needs to be more effort and support in providing better infrastructure.

With focused efforts, an open-mind, better planning and aspiration to be on par with the rest of the world, Nigeria can take advantage of the technological progress. Creating an environment for technology to flourish and thrive will stimulate its adoption. I would like to commend what Nigerian entrepreneurs have been doing in the FinTech space.

How Kirusa can help businesses and individuals communicate better

Kirusa offers modern communication solutions for individuals and businesses that include: Kirusa Konnect: An omnichannel Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) for enterprises that helps bolster brand-customer engagement with chatbots, IP messaging, SMS and voice. InstaVoice: A unique cloud-based, call completion solution that enables users to get voicemails, missed call alerts, and notification of reachability. It helps mobile carriers monetize missed calls in their networks. Kirusa Channels: An exclusive celebrity-fan engagement platform that allows fans to connect with their favourite celebrities

Kirusa has been working in collaboration with 50+ telecom network partners and 1,000+ notable organizations and brands. It has more than 100 million monthly active users with over 3 billion monthly transactions from the emerging markets of Africa, Asia and Latin America. With an experience of having handled over 150 billion messaging and voice transactions in the last decade, Kirusa has established itself as a thought leader in the communication solutions space.

The role of messaging and voice in communication has evolved over time, especially in the way enterprises communicate with their audiences. Kirusa launched Kirusa Konnect in November 2017, which offers enterprises multiple engaging tools over mobile channels for audience engagement. It is a Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) that enables enterprises to connect and reach more customers effectively using tools such as SnapCall, IVR, Inbound SMS, Voice SMS, Outbound Dialler, SMS Tagging, WhatsApp chat, RCS, Apple and Viber chat. Enterprises can run instant campaigns encompassing two-way and omnichannel communication over messaging, voice & rich media tools and obtain better results out of the communication.