All You Need To Know About The New PlayStation 5

All You Need To Know About The New PlayStation 5

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It has been over six years since the latest Sony gaming console, the PlayStation 4, came out. So it’s completely understandable that the fans of the device are anxious for a new release. Last week, Sony officially confirmed that the PlayStation 5 is on its way.

All You Need To Know About The New PlayStation 5

Here is everything you need to know.

1. Sony PS5 Specs

The most interesting aspect of the upcoming console is, of course, its specification. After the triumph of the PlayStation 4, fans are not expecting anything less impressive. Here are the rumoured specs of the Sony PlayStation 5:

  • The official design of the device has not been unveiled yet, but a few leaks suggest the PS5 will look completely different from its predecessors. The console is expected to have a V-shaped cavity on top and numerous ventilation spots.
  • The PlayStation 5 will also come with a new controller. With the revised shape, built-in microphone and audio, and haptic feedback support, the player will feel even more immersed in the game than with previous versions of PlayStation.
  • The PS5 will be powered by a custom 8-cored AMD chipset, which will unleash even more visual finesse for your gaming experience. The chipset will also make the ray tracing technology possible, which will make your gaming session look like a scene from a Hollywood blockbuster.
  • The console will be equipped with a brand new generation of SSD storage, which will allow even the heaviest games load faster than ever before.
  • The PlayStation 5 will double as a Blu-Ray player and will support not only 4K video, but also 8K video, TV, and games.
  • The 3D audio technology is included in the PS5 to further the immersion process. The quality of audio will be particularly noticeable to players who prefer to game wearing their headphones.
  • The two key software features of the new PlayStation are PlayStation Now, the cloud gaming technology, and Remote Play, which was already available with the PS4 and allows you to stream a PS game to any compatible device.
  • Backward compatibility was among the most pressing issues for the fans of PlayStation for years, and Sony itself confirmed that the PS5 will have backward compatibility. It means that you will be able to play any PS4 game on your new PS5. Moreover, some leaks suggested that the PlayStation 5 will be able to run PS3, PS2, and even original PlayStation games.
  • Virtual reality will be a big part of the PlayStation 5 experience. While fans should not expect a new VR set to come out at the same time as the PS5, the team at Sony understands its importance and plans to unveil a brand new wireless VR headset sometime after the launch of the PS5.
2. Sony PS5 Release Date And Price

Normally, fans have to guess the release date for new devices based on leaks, but this time, Sony announced that the new console will be released in time for the 2020 holidays, which places the release date between October and early December of 2020. One leak suggested that the PS5 will be released on November 20, but this has not been confirmed yet.

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As for the price, nothing has been announced officially. However, based on the technology used in the PlayStation 5 and Sony’s previous release prices, some tech magazines and experts estimate the price of the PS5 to be around $500, or ₦180,000.

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