Bridal Styles For A Nikkah Wedding


Nigerian Nikkah weddings are as gorgeous and memorable as other types of wedding ceremonies that are popular in the country. A particularly interesting aspect of Nikkah weddings is the dress worn by the bride. Here are some ideas for your Nikkah wedding look.

1. What Is A Nikkah Wedding Dress?

A wedding gown for a Nikkah wedding can look very different from traditional European and Nigerian wedding dresses, but they are nonetheless beautiful and elegant. The most common feature of a Nikkah wedding dress is the fact that it conceals every part of the bride’s body except for her face, hands, and feet. The reason for that is the religious tradition, so even the most forward-thinking Nikkah brides always follow these guidelines.

At the same time, the approach to styling the bride for the Nikkah wedding is evolving just like everything else in the world. As a result, modern Muslim brides experiment with both the shapes and the fabrics of their wedding gowns. While keeping the design of the dress traditional, these brides may go for transparent fragments or more fitted shape of the garment.

With fairly limited space for trying different designs of the dress, Nikkah brides often invest all their effort into choosing the fabrics for the gown. Nikkah wedding dresses always look like a work of art and you can spend hours marvelling the intricate design of the dress and its sophisticated details.

However, not all brides prefer their Nikkah dresses to feature bold colours and striking detailing. For millions of Nigerian Muslim brides, a wedding is an opportunity to showcase their elegant and understated taste in fashion by choosing a monochrome dress in one of the more subdued colours: white, blue, cream, or various metallic shades.

2. Bridal Styles For A Nikkah Wedding

An all-white bridal outfit with lots of intricate lacework looks very good on this bride, and her top-notch makeup is the icing on the very pretty cake.

Here is how you can incorporate translucent fabrics into your Nikkah outfit while still looking perfectly modest and appropriate for your wedding.

This Nikkah bride couldn’t be happier, and one of the reasons for her elated mood is certainly her stunning wedding gown in an unusual green colour with beautiful embroidery.

Coordinating your wedding look with your groom’s outfit is one of the signs that your couple is meant to be, and the delicate peach colour of this dress is super pretty on its own.

If you don’t want to go for the standard white Nikkah wedding dress but still want to choose something from the pastel range of colours, this charming lilac shade should be right up your street.

If you are a bride with a more dramatic taste in fashion, you will need an equally dramatic Nikkah dress design. Personally, we love this black gown with interesting colour accents.

Here is another beautiful way to add colour to your Nikkah wedding gown: the red detailing on the cuffs is the perfect addition to the champagne colour of the dress.

finally, this Nikkah wedding dress is too stunning for words. From the elegant golden colour to the flawless shape and with the mesmerizing lace pattern, this must be one of the most beautiful Nikkah wedding gowns we have seen lately.

Culled from Jiji Blog