Dealing With Slots Addiction On Your Own 

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Society is full of temptations, whether it’s alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, gambling or even food, it can sometimes be a real effort to stay in control. Add other factors into the mix such as stress and bereavement and the results can be toxic.

Dealing With Slots Addiction On Your Own  - Brand Spur
Photo by Toimetaja tõlkebüroo on Unsplash

However, occasionally an addiction can occur that you feel is all down to you and the shame of it all can make you less likely to seek the help of others. Despite this thinking, addiction always has a deep reason for taking hold and peeling away the layers can eventually give you some much-needed answers. Addiction is a complex issue with many causes and there is no quick and easy solution to treating it. The sufferers already feel trapped in their own personal hell with no escape in sight. 

Whether it’s alcohol, drugs or gambling, dealing with this problem is most effective when individuals seek professional help from therapists or professional organizations like Gamblers Anonymous. However, if you do choose to do it alone, then there are some steps that can be taken individually on the road to recovery. Gambling addiction has hit the headlines recently and most have been slot-focused. In fact, the increase in slot addiction has already forced law changes, such as the new maximum bet of £2 that applies to fixed-odds betting terminals in the UK. 

To add to this you will no longer be able to gamble with credit cards to deposit and play and it is only a matter of time before maximum betting levels are limited at all online casinos too. The increase in addiction can also be traced back to the fact that gambling has moved to online platforms and this has made it more accessible than ever before. Online casinos have proved to be a big hit around the globe. There are a huge number to choose from and all offer bonuses and welcome packages to hook you in.

Slots are now the most popular section of virtual casinos and revenue from them continues to increase year on year. They are more sophisticated than ever thanks to technology and you can still play high stakes and even win life-changing jackpots. It is thought that when you gamble your body releases adrenaline and dopamine flood the brain. Players tend to forget their problems whilst they are in this heightened state. Irritation, depression and anxiety are temporarily replaced by excitement. This leads to more compulsive gambling. 

Choosing The Right Path

If you choose to go it alone then expect good days and bad days and expect to suffer relapses too. The best way you can help yourself is by setting deposit limits on all online casino accounts. These are set for a certain period of time and cannot be altered.

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Then you can self-exclude for a period of time and if you still think you are likely to return to bad habits, then Gamstop can be used and this will make it physically impossible to load up gambling sites on your computer or mobile devices.