COVID-19: Check out the list of businesses exempted from lock-down announced by President Buhari


President Muhammadu Buhari delivered a televised address to Nigerians on the COVID-19 pandemic. The address, which was broadcast live by 7 pm on Sunday, shed some light on the measures being put in place by the Federal Government to curtail the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19: Check out the list of businesses exempted from lock-down announced by President Buhari - Brand Spur

The President announced a total restriction of movement in Lagos, Abuja and Ogun State; for an initial period of 14 days.

‘‘All citizens in these areas are to stay in their homes. Travel to or from other states should be postponed. All businesses and offices within these locations should be fully closed during this period,’’ Buhari declared.

The aim of the 14-day  curfew according to the President is to identify, trace and isolate; all individuals that have come into contact with confirmed COVID-19 cases; also reeled out a list of organizations exempted from the lock-down.

Among those exempted are

  • Hospitals and Medical establishments
  • Organizations in healthcare-related manufacturing and distribution
  • Food processing, distribution, and retail companies
  • Petroleum distribution and retail entities
  • Power generation, transmission and distribution companies
  • Private security companies
  • Workers in telecommunication companies
  • Broadcasters
  • Print and Electronic media staff

Buhari, however, these persons must prove that they are unable to work from home.

The President disclosed that although these establishments are exempted, access will be “restricted and monitored.”

President Buhari also revealed that the sea-ports will remain operational. However, all passenger flights, commercial and private jets, are suspended. Special permits will be issued on a needs basis.

“Furthermore, all vehicles conveying food and other essential humanitarian items into these locations from other parts of the country will also be screened thoroughly before they are allowed to enter these restricted areas.”