Coscharis Operations In Lagos And Abuja Remains Shut Down, Akwa-Ibom And Anambra States Operations Now Affected


The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari in his briefing this evening to the citizens on the ongoing measures to curtail further spread of the COVID – 19 pandemics has directed an extension of the lockdown in Lagos, Ogun and Abuja for another 14 days starting from tonight Monday 13 April 2020.

As a follow-up and as promised to continually update all ourCoscharis stakeholders (internal and external), our offices in both Lagos and Abuja remain closed in line with the directives of the Federal government. In addition, we have suspended our operations in Akwa – Ibom and Anambra states following the respective state government’s earlier directives.

All our customers are encouraged to make use of our other communication platforms earlier shared for any urgent and very important services that do not require a physical visit in our offices in the affected locations as our relevant staff will continue to try and attend to your enquires from their various homes where necessary via phone and emails.

We continue to encourage all staff and customers alike to follow directives from relevant government authorities at this time on how to keep safe by staying at home amongst other medical advises putting a total stoppage to this pandemic that has affected every facet of our lives.

Coscharis group as an entity will continue to support the government as we are already doing during this period.