Changing Shopper Habits – Today’s Realities

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Without over-emphasizing the known fact – Shoppers’ habits will definitely change post-COVID 19. Brands, Manufacturers, and Providers will need to re-learn how to stay relevant in order to survive and thrive thereafter.

More importantly, we will need to monitor how the shifts are happening and what are the new “replacements”, how do they shape today’s realities and tomorrow’s “norms”.

Today’s Quick Insight: describes the shifts in category shopping online by Nigerian consumers. This case study is based on Jumia’s Top Selling Products between Oct 2019 and April 2020.

Key Insights:

Trending Categories: Fashion (Men, Women), Beauty and Computer Accessories

Habit Drivers: Shoppers’ desires are more spread out to fulfill both immediate and futuristic needs. Increased trials, Impulsive spend, and likelihood to splurge on paydays

During COVID:

Trending Categories: Groceries (Beverages, Drinks, Food aids) and Personal care

Habit Drivers: Shoppers’ desires are more prioritized towards daily needs. Survival is of the essence of this period. Limited spend due to uncertainty.

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Written by:

Samuel Adebayo, Helping Businesses Thrive in the Marketplace