Seven Conditions You Must Know Before You Take the #MaskUpLagos Challenge


The lockdown due to the COVID19 outbreak has posed several lingering questions on our minds. Some of these questions include “when are we going back to ‘normal’?”, “What will be the ‘new normal’?” and several other rhetorical questions.

One of the new normal for people in Nigeria will be to wear face masks in public places when the lockdown measures are relaxed. Therefore, campaigns such as the #MaskUpLagos challenge should be taken seriously after the lockdown. But, before you get too excited and start taking selfies with your new masks, here are 7 conditions you need to know:

  • You need to select your masks carefully: There are different types of masks such as the N95, surgical masks, cloth masks, and so on. And there are reports that these masks vary in their efficiency to protect one from the Coronavirus. You need to choose the kind of masks that would serve you well by serving as a protective covering for you against the virus. This is not the time to make some homemade masks if you are not sure how effective they will be.
  • A mask will not serve as immunity against the virus, it will only control its transmission: Do not start to feel invincible just because you wear masks. Do what you can to boost your immune system.
  • You cannot borrow someone else’s mask: Every member of a household needs to get their masks which they can identify easily. Do not share masks with your close relatives.
  • Do not feel a false sense of safety because you are wearing a mask. Take all the recommended precautions like regular hand washing and maintaining social distance.
  • It is a face mask, not a jaw mask: Do not be tempted to wear the mask on your jaw more often than you would rather wear it on your face. Again, the mask is meant to serve as a protective covering and it is not just another fashion item.
  • Be supportive but not sentimental when choosing where to buy your mask. Several people will become Masks Merchants in the next few weeks just because they want to tap the market opportunity of the rising demand. You might have friends and family members who are already advertising these masks to you. You should buy from them only when you are sure of the quality of masks they offer and not for sentimental reasons.
  • Be prepared to change your mask daily: what this implies is that, you need to maintain good personal hygiene when using the masks. If you are using the disposable mask, you need a new one every day you go out. If you are using the reusable ones, make sure you wash and disinfect them as recommended.

Once you take these precautions, you will be good to go with the #MaskUpLagos campaign. Then, you can take your #selfies and share them within your network.

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Written by

Anifat Ibrahim
Anifat Ibrahim, Research Associate | Project Management Professional (PMP)