MTV Shuga Alone Together Seeks To Help Raise Awareness In The Global Fight To Flatten The COVID-19 Curve


This week on MTV Shuga Alone Together social distancing is a matter of importance and the prohibition of social events is highly recommended to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

The MTV Shuga Alone Together show which was launched by the MTV Staying Alive Foundation and MTV in partnership with the United Nations’ Every Woman Every Child Partnership seeks to educate viewers across the world about how practising hygienic habits, social distancing and self-isolation are critical to fighting the spread of the coronavirus. From tackling COVID-19 myths and stifling the spread of fake news, to keeping a close eye on mental health while staying home, the pan-African production, shot entirely by the actors during the lockdown, is a window into the real-life effects of the pandemic.

Along with the critical public health messaging, the show also portrays other real-life threats that people across the world are facing during their national lockdowns; such as the heightened dangers of domestic violence or mental health challenges. MTV Shuga Alone Together also examines the increased risks faced by people who may be HIV+ and not managing their viral load, and/or those who have TB.

In this week’s episodes, the series highlights how prohibiting social eventing is a step in the right direction in flattening the curve. Leila struggles with her anxiety as a result of the pandemic, Daniel is finding creative ways to deal with self-isolation. Leila and Tobi clash over priorities during the pandemic and will Tobi’s online concert with Vector be a success?

With everyone on lockdown, for some, it seems like this is the best time to make contact with their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend,  see if this is a good or bad idea in episode 7.  Dineo’s relationship seems to be failing the test of time during lockdown, in episode 8.

In episode ten, the show tackles the traumatic topic of being infected with the virus, what to do and what steps to take to protect those around you and start a journey back to your healthy self.