Building A Different Path – Babatunde Iwajomo, Son Of Old Ondo State Head Of Service/Secretary To State Government Releases First Album


Without mincing words, the last son of the first Head of Service and Secretary to the State Government of old Ondo State, Babatunde Iwajomo, is one of the multi-talented individuals in Nigeria and he has carved formidable niches for himself in different sectors. So, today, Brandspur Nig Ltd decided to meet this very wonderful person with a zestful personality. Enjoy the interview with Babatunde and learn from it.

How would you introduce yourself?

I am a very passionate and ambitious person. I love big plans, big dreams and big visions. I love to do great things.

You released an album on the14th of April 2020. Can you tell us about the album?

Yes, that was my debut album titled “The First”. It’s an extended play album with 5 tracks. It’s pure gospel music from the throne coming in different blends and styles. Basically, there’s something in the album for every ‘regular’ and ‘deep’ Christian. It is such a privilege to have something to serve in the world. The album is available on all major music stores (Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon, Soundcloud, Youtube e.t.c) for purchase, streaming, free listen and downloads.

What birthed your love for music? Did you study something related to it in school?

Hmmm. I don’t have any formal background in music.  I was raised in the Anglican communion and grew up to love the hymnal. Singing hymns was my best part of every service. I would sing my favourite hymns and songs at the top of my voice during personal and corporate devotions. I would say the desire and inspiration to sing was birthed and became stronger in those times of devotion. Music for me is a tool or platform for ministration.

How many songs have you written?

So far 7 songs. We had to halt studio recording upon the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. So we thought to release the ones that were ready in an EP album.

On the release of the album, you made a statement about your dad. Can you tell us about him and how he contributed to your love for music?

My dad-Late Chief Theophilus Iwajomo passed on when I was very young. I dedicated the album to him and released it on the 14th April 2020  to honour him on his 20th-year remembrance. He was a loving dad and very successful public servant (Pioneer Head of Service/Secretary to Government of Ondo state) who rose to the top of his career and was awarded Nigeria’s national honour (CON) on merit. He was also a very staunch Anglican and lover of hymns. The latter definitely impacted me.


You are also an entrepreneur. Can you briefly tell us about your business?

Next to my love for God and family is my passion for business. I want to believe I inherited business traits from my mum-Chief Mrs Justina Iwajomo. I was made a Director in one of her companies at a young age. I am an energy professional and currently running a gas company. Our current focus is to deepen the use of cleaner gaseous fuels such as Liquefied gas and Natural gas. In addition to this, I run a fintech startup that I started with my friends. As a non-bank lender, we aim to better serve individuals and small businesses in Nigeria with improved access to credit.

What are the basic standards you have always adopted?

As a part-time minister and business person, I try to adapt to a routine that suits my lifestyle. Then in all my activities, I program myself to give first place and priority to the things of God. This I have learnt by personal experience makes my journey easier.

Tell us about your family. How have you been able to strike a balance between your career and family?

I am blessed to have a very loving, capable, devoted and understanding wife. We have 2 children, a girl-4 and a boy-2 and plan to have more (laughs). My schedule requires constant travel so my wife holds the home. We make time out for ourselves and the family.

Your favourite country?

I am still building my list of countries (laughs) but so far there’s nowhere like home here in Naija. I just hope we can make the country a better place and live up to her potential in our time. However, I love the serene whilst in Ghana and the structure and order whilst in the UK.

How do people who would love to learn from your achievements get access to you?

I am active on the social media  (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram) and also regularly publish on medium and my ministry website.

Your best quote?

God can help you accomplish in a single day what you couldn’t have accomplished in many lifetimes.

Any success nugget for upcoming musicians?

This is not just for upcoming musicians. Someone said success is at the top but we all have different ladders. So I would say, do not despise that potential God has placed in you or that seed of greatness or that great idea. It looks very small and can be easily pushed aside till it manifests. Be confident and do your part to nurture it.

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