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Creative Consulting Group is a Hong-Kong based PR agency. They have entrusted Media OutReach with their press release distribution for more than 2 years.

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What communications challenges does your agency face?

We serve a diverse range of clients and need a newswire that can be flexible, responsive and that will take post-release reporting to the next level. We occasionally need to rush out a press release and require guaranteed news coverage.

How does Media OutReach help you?

Media OutReach’s 2nd and 10th-day reports show key results and useful analysis for our clients. In particular, our clients appreciate finding out how many journalists have reported on their news releases. Also, Media OutReach’s guaranteed online news posts on trusted news sites helps our clients to build online visibility.

Before using Media OutReach, we had to put in a great deal of work into regenerating and repackaging distribution results just to report back to our clients. With Media OutReach, we don’t have to do any of that as they clearly understand our reporting needs. Their post-release reports include KPIs that clearly benchmark the performance of each release. They can also be automatically downloaded into Microsoft Word and Excel in a format that requires no additional editing from us. This save my team lots of time and a great deal of work.

I am also a big fan of their country and industry-specific media lists. Because Media OutReach has local staff to research media contacts, the press release distribution they offer is effective at reaching our clients’ targeted media. Media OutReach is better for our clients because they have a rich database which allows for distribution to multiple news categories, thus maximising their reach to targeted journalists.

Is there anything else that makes Media OutReach different from other newswires?

Media OutReach has a very good customer service team who have supported us well. Whether we are sending out a press release according to an ordinary, rushed or delayed schedule, or even if we have a query, in every case, Media OutReach has been very responsive to our needs.

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As a company, they are the only newswire that constantly works on improving their deliverables in the form of media lists and reporting.

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