The Chinese University of Hong Kong Business School


The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School is a leading business school and pioneer in business education in Hong Kong. Media OutReach has taken care of their press release distribution since 2015.

What communication challenges does your organisation face?

For any business school, the most important thing is knowledge sharing. Part of this is letting the world know about what research is being carrying out. For CUHK Business School, this means having a reliable press release distribution partner who can help us target the public and garner media attention, both in Asia Pacific and the US.

How does Media OutReach help you?

In Asia Pacific, Media OutReach provides the best service compared with other similar vendors. They get a very high hit rate and I get a lot of feedback from the media for follow-up interviews and pick-ups on our press releases, which is why I’m very happy working with them.

A great example of this was in 2016 when we distributed a press release about some research we had carried out. This was picked up by BBC Asia, who invited one of our professors for an interview. This was actually the first ever interview by the BBC that covered our research, which was a great accolade.

Media OutReach can also translate press releases. I used this service to translate from English to Korean. I am very satisfied with the speed at which these translations are returned – usually in only one or two days. This is typical of Media OutReach’s great overall responsiveness.

Is there anything else that makes Media OutReach different from other newswires?

Media OutReach’s post-release reports are much more holistic than other newswires. The information they contain is very detailed, and includes the number of pickups by journalists, who are categorised by region and even language. This makes KPI reporting to senior management much easier,and lets them see that the money being spent is worthwhile.

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