Flavour, Phyno Share New Life With Fans


Popular music heavyweights, Phyno and Flavour N’abania, on Friday, May 1, 2020, excitedly unveiled the new look of Life Continental Lager beer with thousands of fans during their recently debuted live weekly show, Beer Parlour Conservations, on Instagram.

The show, promoted by the two acts and anchored by another celebrated music artiste of Igbo genre, WAGA- G, encourages all kind of conversations friends usually have, ranging from a celebration of success stories, life’s issues and challenges, and of course all other matters when gathered to share the ‘green’ bottles.

Flavour, Phyno Share New Life With Fans - Brand Spur

During the one-hour live show, which had thousands of fans participating, Flavour and Phyno, both brand ambassadors of Life beer of many years, shared the new look of Life beer bottle and can designs with their fans, while highlighting the many new exciting features on the Life label and what they connote, including the Niger Bridge, which signifies ‘the joy of homecoming and moving forward to progress’, and the Golden Crown, which ‘reinforces the market leadership of the brand as well as reflects the resilient crown deserving spirit of the people’.

Proudly displaying the look of the new Life beer bottle and can with beaming smiles on their faces, the ambassadors eagerly told their fans the connection of the new features with their home, people and commerce, saying further that, the Sun Rays on the label explains the ‘hope and optimism of everyday progress’, while the Shield of Life ‘affirms the value of self- preservation in all life’s pursuit amidst challenges’.

Flavour, Phyno Share New Life With Fans - Brand Spur

In all, the new Life beer label design captures very strong features that resonate the brand’s deep Eastern roots, mirroring the commercial savvy progressive traits of the Igbo ‘man’.

“I am happy to be a part of a brand that shows great support for my culture and vibrancy that our people are known for. It’s been a really rewarding journey with Life and I can’t wait to see where we’re headed despite the scary realities we presently face”, said Flavour.

According to the self-styled Igbo rapper, Phyno, “the new packaging represents progress, which is a constant feature of life. The timing of this new look couldn’t be better as we all need positive vibes at times like this”.

Flavour, Phyno Share New Life With Fans - Brand Spur

The new-look Life beer retains its original smooth taste and rich satisfaction, and it’s on the shelf in stores and ‘beer parlours’ across the country for consumers’ enjoyment.

The successful unveiling of the beer’s new look springboard the launch of a new campaign for the brand, NDU KA — Life is Important. The campaign pays homage to the resilience of the people, encouraging them to remain hopeful of brighter and progressive days ahead, especially as the world works together to overcome the current challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking on the new campaign, Senior Brand Manager, Life beer, Maria Shadeko, said: “the campaign cheers resilient consumers in their pursuit for progress despite the current COVID-19 pandemic”.