General beliefs on Everyday things we use that are not true

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The inquisitive adventure leads to a lot of e-reading and research. It clarifies beliefs that are norms to things we use in our everyday lives through practicals and known possibilities. I enjoy learning about new things that interest me, This has led me to a journey of debunking general beliefs.

Let’s get started.

1. Supply from Generators is the same as electricity from Private Distributors

Ever wondered why your Phone battery charges well and last longer using electricity but drain faster and increase the chances of developing a fault using a Generator set?. Well, I hate to burst your bubble on this, Generators are like suppliers of inferior electricity.

A Generator transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy. When the generator operates, it causes electrons already present in the wires and circuit to flow from through the circuit. Think of it this way: A dispatch rider does not produce the goods, he only moves them from the warehouse to where it’s needed.

2. Using a Third-party Charger

I practically tried this, I use an apple charger for my android device and it works just fine and boosts faster. We usually hear that using another charger apart from your device charger damages your phone battery. Well, what matters is if the head has a port for inserting your USB cable and you are good to go. It also depends on the output of these chargers, some charge faster and others slower than the recommendation required for your device. But it’s not in any way harmful to your device or battery.

3. Charging your Phone Overnight

Technology has taken us to phase in our lives where the device does not require a lot of pampering and monitoring. They are self-sustaining to an extent. However, for those of you who still believe this is true, you’re sadly mistaken. They are called Smartphones for a reason.

Smartphones are able to slow down the rate of charging as it gets closer to 100% and once there it won’t get overloaded with too much energy like most people seem to believe. So, go ahead and put your phone on the charger for as long as you want, it won’t destroy your battery in the process.

4. Being close to a TV is harmful to viewing

Unlike back in the days of Tube glass TV that consumes a lot of electricity, generates heat and heavy in weight. A lot has transformed through technology. We now have LEDs, Smart TVs and so on. These new generation TVs consume less power, better picture quality and most importantly does not emit harmful x-rays like the old school ones. Have you placed your palm on an old TV after its turned off and hear a low-level sparkling sound?. That’s when sitting close to a TV is harmful because it’s packed with a lot more x-ray power. Don’t worry about sitting close to Smart TVs and the likes. It won’t bite, now move your seat closer.

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Written by: Abbas Yinusa

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