Airtel TV – Everything You Need to Know About ‘Amaka Must Go’


Since the release of its trailer in April, Airtel TV’s ‘Amaka Must Go’ has been a hot topic online among movie buffs and people looking to find something exciting to watch amid the COVID-19 lockdown.

The 2 minute-trailer has managed to garner close to 2 million views on YouTube alone and snippets on social media have spurred interest from thousands of users on platforms like Twitter, where the question “what really is Amaka Must Go about?” appears to be atop the conversation.

Airtel TV – Everything You Need to Know About ‘Amaka Must Go’ - Brand Spur

The build-up to the release of the trailer can also largely be attributed to the enormous attention the upcoming series has since attracted as lead actors, Abdulateef Adedimeji and Benita Essien managed to stir up a heated conversation on social media with their staged “beef”, which turned out to be quite a clever marketing ploy.

Airtel TV – Everything You Need to Know About ‘Amaka Must Go’ - Brand Spur

While no release date has been scheduled or announced by Airtel yet owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the anticipation for ‘Amaka Must Go’ remains considerably high and speculations have risen on what to expect as well as what the movie will entail. Here is everything you need to know about the highly anticipated TV series thus far.

The Production

The upcoming TV series is an original production from Nigeria’s leading telecommunications services provider, Airtel. It will be the first original TV series by the telco, which will be available on its Video on Demand and live TV streaming platform, Airtel TV.

It’s a Spin-Off 

For fans of Airtel’s critically acclaimed web series ‘The In-laws’, many faces in the trailer are instantly recognizable, with notable characters appearing in numerous scenes. ‘Amaka Must Go’ is actually a spin-off of the web series and will follow the main and recurring characters. For those who are already fans of the web series, this will be an opportunity to see their favourite characters with more fleshed-out backstories.

The Excellent Cast

It boasts an ensemble cast, most of who are returning from the web series ‘The In-Laws’, including Abdulateef Adedimeji, who plays Segun; veteran Nollywood actress, Idowu Phillips a.k.a Iya Rainbow, who plays his mother; Ngozi Nwosu a.k.a Mummy Peace, Segun’s mother-in-law; Dele Odule, his father-in-law, and the titular character and Segun’s wife, Amaka, played by Benita Essien.

The Build-Up

A few days to the release of the trailer, lead actors of the upcoming series, Benita Essien (Amaka) and Abdulateef Adedimeji (Segun) caused quite a stir on social media after both took to Instagram Live and had a heated argument. Unsuspecting followers and fans immediately took this as a real social media “beef” between two of Nollywood biggest co-stars in what turned out to be a laudable marketing ploy to bolster anticipation. They got us – so, nice one, Airtel!

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The Synopsis

Following their story from the web series, ‘Amaka Must Go’ will show the journey of happily married couple, Amaka and Segun as they try to balance their married life amid the increasing tension from their in-laws. The light-hearted and humorous tension, which fans are familiar with in the web series appears to have taken a more dramatic turn as the tone showcased in the trailer appears to be more serious.

Movie Lovers Can Watch it for Free

Customers of Airtel have thousands of Nollywood and Hollywood blockbusters to choose from on the Airtel TV app at no subscription cost. Airtel TV is the most rewarding video platform in Nigeria as customers enjoy data-free access to movies on the app for the first 3 days after download. Customers also enjoy free data rewards daily for watching up to 1 hour each day.

Once a release date has been announced, fans can enjoy ‘Amaka Must Go’ for free!

To enjoy Airtel TV, customers can download the app on Google Play Store and Apple Store then launch and click “register”. Once registration is complete, customers can browse through the catalogue and stream any content or channel of choice.