Osun State – Broke and broken

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Data from BudgIT has shown that for every ₦100 shared to the Osun State government as revenue allocation from the federation account, ₦91 is deducted to service debt. The development, according to analysts, indicates how the state’s fiscal crisis has moved from bad to worse.

BudgIT said that of the ₦6.44 billion Osun received as revenue from FAAC in January through March, ₦5.87 billion of the amount went to servicing its debt. The development is coming to fore even as the state has been grappling with years of backlogs of unpaid salaries owing to the failure of the government to judiciously harness the revenue potential of huge human and capital resources.

The state may even be on the brink of seeking life support, analysts have said. Osun also has the highest deduction done ever on any of the 36 states as a percentage of federal allocations, showing how terrible the fiscal situation of the state is at present.

A 91% federal allocation deducted in servicing the states debt profile would leave the state with only about 9% of the revenue to be used as expenditure on health, education and other financial obligations for its over 4.6 million people, according to BusinessDay’s estimate.

Osun State - Broke and broken

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Osun is an extreme expression of the fact that most states of the country are technically insolvent and cannot meet their obligations. This burden on the state’s purse could have been a bit lighter but for the government’s inability to look inward and grow its stream of internally generated revenues.

As at March 2020, Osun had an outstanding domestic debt of ₦137.3 billion. Asides Lagos and some oil-producing states (Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, Imo and Rivers), only a handful of other states (such as Ogun) have as much outstanding debt. A look at 2019 full-year internally generated revenues shows that it only generated ₦17.9 billion (1.34% of total and 19th highest nationally).

It means that Osun State’s IGR only covers 7% of the domestic debt owed (one of the worst ratios in the country). In light of the recent economic crisis resulting from the coronavirus induced lockdown, we can expect that all states will experience a significant decline in IGR, an indication that 2020 will be a difficult year for states like Osun to fund social programmes.

Unfortunately, the Federal Government is also in dire straits and is unable to help them with bailouts this time. This explains the current desperate drive for extortionary revenue generation from many states and the Federal Government. Of course, such measures will be counterproductive as they will cause businesses to shrink back. Governments need to ruthlessly cut their costs and take a view to enable businesses as opposed to extorting them.

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Osun State - Broke and broken - Brand SpurOsun State - Broke and broken - Brand Spur

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  1. “Unfortunately, the Federal Government is also in dire straits and is unable to help them with bailouts this time. This explains the current desperate drive for extortionary revenue generation from many states and the Federal Government.” – Bolaji Samuel

    From the quote above on the story that Osun State is ‘Broke and Broken, it is now an incontrovertible fact that Nigeria has speedily entered the terrain of a full and open tyrannical rule. As it is for Osun State so it is for every State in the country.

    Serious thinkers from time immemorial have shown that the state is a monster. And when it is hungry for fund to maintain the gluttonous lifestyle of those in power, as Nigeria State is at the moment, it becomes a very cold, bloodthirsty and vicious monster.

    It is difficult for me to broach the bad news that Nigerians have truly entered the ‘Darkest Moment’ of their lives. Now, everyone in Nigeria will know what it means when an oppressive government put its “knee on the neck” of the citizens. It is going to be a terrible agonising death for many.

    Nigerians should be prepared mentally, psychologically and spiritually for what is coming ahead. We can no longer sugar coat the imminent disaster. We have laid our beds so we are bound to sleep on it.

    It is too late in the day for a long heart rending sermon. We had every opportunity to prevent this day of ‘gnashing of teeth’ from happening. But we failed to act sensibly on the beautiful talents and bountiful resources Providence gave to us.

    Now the die is cast, it is too late to shed crocodile tears for Nigeria. We must take our bitter heals. It will help those who would remain alive after the horrible ordeal to heal properly from foolishness.



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Osun State - Broke and broken - Brand SpurOsun State - Broke and broken - Brand Spur

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[1] Cogo A et al., J Wound Care 2020;29(Sup7b):63-64. https://doi.org/10.12968/jowc.2020.29.Sup7b.1
[2] Nussbaum SR et al., Value Health 2018;21:27-32. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jval.2017.07.007
[3] Strohal R et al., J Wound Care 2013; 22 (Suppl. 1): S1-S52. https://doi.org/10.12968/jowc.2013.22.Sup1.S1
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[6] Olsson M et al., Wound Repair Regen 2019;27(1):114-125. https://doi.org/10.1111/wrr.12683
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[10] Guest JF et al., BMJ Open 2020;10:e045253. https://doi.org/10.1136/bmjopen-2020-045253

The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.

About Debrichem(R)

Debrichem(R) is a disruptive new treatment option to address the infection in chronic wounds. The topical agent offers a superior alternative to surgical debridement, the current standard of care. Debrichem has been demonstrated to remove the biofilm and the pathogens from the wound bed that disrupt the onset of the natural healing process. Out of the more than 1.000 patients treated so far, more than 90 % of chronic wounds started to heal after only one treatment with Debrichem.4 The product is applied in a fast and simple, non-invasive procedure. Healthcare professionals should always consider using local anesthetics when applying the treatment. Debrichem can be used outside a surgical environment which can be particularly useful in situations, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic, where patients cannot get to hospitals to undergo surgery, avoiding long-term complications like amputation. Debrichem will be sold through a worldwide network of distributors, with the first market launches expected in Q1 2021.

About DEBx Medical

DEBx Medical B.V. is a Dutch medical technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the management of chronic wounds by enabling their healing, thereby improving the outcomes for millions of patients. DEBx Medical supports doctors and their patients from diagnosis through treatment, follow-up care, and maintenance of a healthy wound bed. The Company focuses its pipeline on targeting pathogens that corrupt wound healing, aiming to deliver affordable and effective treatment approaches that can easily be applied and implemented in daily clinical practice. Debrichem(R), DEBx Medical's first product, received a CE mark in early 2021 and will be launched in markets around the world. Debrichem offers a disruptive approach to debridement that has been demonstrated to enable healing of chronic wounds in more than 90 % of cases.

Osun State - Broke and broken - Brand Spur
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