Bond Yields Push Higher As GDP Weakens By 6.10% YoY

FGN BOND NTB primary auction Here is a list of all Microfinance Banks’ USSD Codes in Nigeria. MTN Nigeria & 14 others led local bourse to sustain previous positive sentiment, gains 0.38%


Bond Yields Push Higher As GDP Weakens By 6.10% YoY

FGN Bonds

The FGN bonds market opened the week to the news of negative growth for Nigeria’s GDP (-6.10% YoY). This compounded an already weak market, still reeling from the previous week’s primary auction. We noted offers across the benchmark curve all session, but with no matching bids as investors continue to sit on the sidelines. Even offers at the long-end at 10.00% levels were not seen as enticing enough to bring client demand. Consequently, yields expanded by c.25bps on the average across the bond curve.

We remain cautious to label the current market weakness as bearish as we expect demand from local investors to improve in the coming weeks as their liquidity positions improve from OMO maturities and FGN Bond coupon payments start rolling in.

Benchmark FGN Bonds

Bond Yields Push Higher As GDP Weakens By 6.10% YoY

Treasury Bills

On the flip side, ample system liquidity pushed activities in the OMO bills in one direction as demand continued to outweigh supply. Bid/Offer spreads remained wide, around 50bps apart on the average across the benchmark curve. We noted bids for the short-dated papers (Nov.—Dec.) at 3.30% levels with offers at 3.00% while at the long end (Jun.—Aug. maturities) bids at 3.90% levels remained unmatched as offers were stable in the mid-3% range.

We expect activity to improve in tomorrow’s session as the bids should improve downwards to match the offer levels.

Bond Yields Push Higher As GDP Weakens By 6.10% YoY

Money Markets

The Money Markets resumed right where it left last week, as rates remained stable amidst ample system liquidity boosted by FGN Bon coupon payments of c.N49.89Bn. Consequently, OBB and OVN rates closed at 2.00% and 3.00% respectively.

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With more liquidity expected later in the week via OMO maturities, we expect rates to remain stable in the low single-digit range.

FX Market

The FX market has slumped back into its lull, with not much activity recorded in today’s session. The I&E FX Market volumes closed at $7.19mio, an 88% decrease from last week’s close, while the rates close unchanged at N386.00/$. At the parallel market, the Cash market rate appreciated by N1.00k to close at N475.00/$ while the Transfer rate closed unchanged at N480.00/$.


The NGERIA Sovereigns opened the week on a stronger note, amidst general positivity seen in the sub-Sharan sovereign space. Consolidated increase in global oil prices boosted the sovereign papers, as demand hit the streets mostly from offshore players. Yields contracted by c.4bps on the average across the curve by the close of trading. In the SSA space, ANGOLA and EGYPT sovereign papers led the rally, as prices gained +25cents each while the ZAMBIA papers were the day’s losers following the sack of a market-friendly central bank governor by President Lungu.

The NGERIA Corps tickers had a more quiet session, with offers for ACCESS 2021s, FIDBAN 2022s, and SEPLLN 2023s in the streets all day seeing a lack of interests. The ETINL 2024s paper continues to remain scarce with the market all out of supply for that paper.

Bond Yields Push Higher As GDP Weakens By 6.10% YoY