Na Rin An Wins HFG Championship 2020 For The First Time

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  • This is the second win of her career
  • She beats runner-up Ha Na Jang by three


INCHEON, SOUTH KOREA – Media OutReach – 9 November 2020 – Na Rin An emerges
victorious yesterday at the KLPGA Hana Financial Group (HFG) Championship 2020
after she pulled ahead of her competition with a fantastic final round. She
started the day tied for lead with Ha Na Jang and Min Ji Park, but soon surged
ahead as the latter two struggled with the cold weather and strong wind. Na Rin
An shot 1-under par for the final round, winning the Championship with a total score
of 280, 8-under par, which is three shots ahead of the runner-up Ha Na Jang.  


Na Rin An Wins HFG Championship 2020 For The First Time
The KLPGA Hana Financial Championship 2020 winner Na
Rin An,
with her trophy at Sky72 Golf Club.
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Photo credit: Hana Financial Group Championship 2020

Na Rin
An takes home the prize money of KWR 300 million (US$268,000). With this win, she
also moves up the KLPGA Player of the year rank to eighth, and for the 2020
money ranking to second.

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Na Rin An, KLPGA
HFG Championship 2020 winner


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did you think of today’s win?

Na Rin
An (NRA): It took me four years to earn my first win (at the Autech Carrier
Championship 2020) a month ago, but here I am picking up a second win, which is
earlier than I expected to win again. I’m really glad about it. I will work
even harder from now on.


looked a little shaky on the final day of your first win even though you had a
10-shot lead. However, you performed differently today and was really calm
throughout. What were your motivations for this tournament?

For the Autech Carrier Championship last month, I was very nervous on the final
round since I didn’t have any experience in winning the tournament. I think that’s
why my play didn’t work out the way I wanted it to.

I tried to focus more on my own game today and this worked out really well with
a good result.


strategies about the wind and cold weather?

I’ve experienced a lot of tournament courses with strong wind for the past
month, and these experiences helped me a lot in doing well at this championship.


started playing golf from middle school and it’s been 10 years since you
started playing golf. Is there any special secret to your growth?

started playing golf since September/October 2009. When I look back, I think I
was very diligent and sincere, trying to focus more on my work. There is nothing
special about my golf except the steady practice.


were you thinking after your first bogey made at the 17th hole?

Obviously, I made my first bogey today on the 17th hole, and I was nervous when
I was having the bogey putt. Anyway, I tried to focus on the game after that and
thought to myself, “I wish to go in the direction of losing with as few strokes
as possible”. This turned out nicely with a great result.

has changed for you this year from last year?

Statistically, my record of greens in regulation improved. I’ve been changing
my swings steadily and my body got used to it, so I think this is the reason
why my games are going well.

changing my swings, the ball contacts were not constant, leading me to a low
rate of greens in regulation.


If you
win the next tournament, you can win the title of “2020 KLPGA Tour Prize Money
Winner”. Do you think you can win this?

will be good for me to earn the title, but for the last tournament, I will focus
on my game and playing rather than to earn the tile.


you interested in playing overseas in other tours?

am keen on playing in overseas tours when I get the opportunity to do so. This
is because I want to gain more experience. I want to develop my game further
before venturing to play in an overseas tour.


you satisfied with your iron shots currently?

think I’m more satisfied with my iron shots at the Autech Carrier Championship last
month rather than at this tournament. It was also very windy then, but it was
not really cold. However, at this tournament, the wind was very strong, and the
weather was very cold. This led me to make more missed shots.


are your plans on using the prize money from this tournament?

Last night before the last round, I had chance to talk to my mom about a car.
My mom actually told me that she would buy the car for me if I win once more.
Today I have won the tournament, so I will tell my mom that we can get a car.


are your goals for the next tournament?

will try as hard as I can to get the best result possible by using up all my
energy and power.


is your driving force for the win?

would say it’s my family. I gain more power and strength through the support of
my parents and my younger sibling.


would you like to be known as the player Na Rin An?

Diligent and sincere golfer who works hard. A player who actively pursuits her
own goal and successfully completes her own task and role.


For images of the KLPGA HFG Championship 2020 winner Na Rin
An, please click here:

About Hana Financial Group Championship

Financial Group established the Hana Bank Championship in 2009 and has been
successfully hosting the LPGA Tour’s “Hana Bank Championship” until
2018. The tournament changed its name to Hana Financial Group Championship in
2019 and this is the second year 
under the
new name, now part of the Ladies Asian Tour. The KLPGA Hana Financial
Group Championship 2020 will be held from 5 — 8 November. 

Throughout the years,
the Championship has been the birthplace of world-class players such as Mexican
golf hero Lorena Ochoa, US-based Juli Inkster, Britain’s Laura
Davies, and Taiwan’s Tseng Yani. It has also enabled Korean players
like Jin Joo HONG, Na Yeon CHOI, Jin Young KO, Kyu Jung
BAEK and In Gee CHUN to advance into the world stage of US LPGA. 

Na Rin An Wins HFG Championship 2020 For The First Time

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Na Rin An Wins HFG Championship 2020 For The First Time - Brand SpurNa Rin An Wins HFG Championship 2020 For The First Time - Brand Spur

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Na Rin An Wins HFG Championship 2020 For The First Time - Brand SpurNa Rin An Wins HFG Championship 2020 For The First Time - Brand Spur

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Na Rin An Wins HFG Championship 2020 For The First Time - Brand Spur

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Na Rin An Wins HFG Championship 2020 For The First Time - Brand Spur 

Na Rin An Wins HFG Championship 2020 For The First Time - Brand Spur


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Na Rin An Wins HFG Championship 2020 For The First Time - Brand Spur

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Na Rin An Wins HFG Championship 2020 For The First Time - Brand Spur

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