Hollandia UHT Milk Restates Nutritional Benefits

Hollandia UHT Milk Restates Nutritional Benefits
In its quest to continually advance the dairy milk conversation in Nigeria, CHI Limited is relentless in its drive to innovate and set new category benchmarks in the drinking milk segment with its ready-to-drink Hollandia UHT Milk.

Retailing at N600, Hollandia UHT Milk is a wholesome ready-to-drink milk that does not require mixing with water. Thus, it delivers value with its convenience and rich creamy taste.

Hollandia UHT Milk Restates Nutritional Benefits

Available in two variants of Full Cream and Low Fat, Hollandia UHT Milk is produced using a 6-layer aseptic and hygienic packaging process to give it a high level of protection and guarantee long shelf life. While the Full Cream variant can be taken by anyone, the Low-Fat variant is for lovers of nutritious milk that suits their diet-conscious lifestyle.

Hollandia UHT Milk is a rich-tasting complement to hot beverages like tea, cocoa beverage or coffee. It can also be used in making smoothies and is an ideal accompaniment for snacks as well as meals, especially when cold.

Hollandia UHT Milk is a good source of Protein, Calcium and Phosphorus. Protein is essential for making enzymes, hormones and antibodies. It is also an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, blood and the body’s immunity. While Calcium helps to maintain strong bones and supports our nerves to carry messages from the brain to different parts of the body, Phosphorus helps in the formation of strong teeth.

According to Tony Ogbonna, Brand Manager (Hollandia), Hollandia UHT Milk’s convenience, rich taste and healthy nourishment are at the core of the product’s values which has endeared the brand to consumers.

“We are aware of consumer expectations of us. The growing popularity of Hollandia UHT Milk is a result of its varying beneficial qualities tailored to meet consumer lifestyle needs in an increasingly dynamic market,” he said.

Both variants of Hollandia UHT Milk are available in 1Litre pack size and can be purchased at CHI Shoppe, Departmental Stores and Neighborhood Shops across Nigeria. So; you can enjoy the creamy goodness of Hollandia UHT Milk in every glass, wherever, whenever.