CHI Limited Launches Hollandia Slim Evap Milk

Hollandia Evap Milk Drives Preference With “Value For Money” Pack Sizes
Hollandia Evap Milk Drives Preference With “Value For Money” Pack Sizes

Staying true to its passion for innovation, CHI Limited has rolled out yet another new product, Hollandia Slim Evaporated Milk – a partially skimmed evaporated milk product. With its offer of 50% less fat, higher protein, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, seven B-Vitamins and Vitamin D3, the new Hollandia Slim Evaporated Milk is the first of its kind in the low-fat segment of the evaporated milk category in Nigeria!

As consumers evolve and become more conscious toward adopting healthier lifestyles, the desire for healthy products is higher more than before. Availability of a full range of milk product choices that help them meet these lifestyle needs while allowing them to indulge in pleasant eating and drinking experiences has been a source of concern for many consumers. This is the gap that Hollandia Slim Evap Milk intends to fill.

CHI Limited Launches Hollandia Slim Evap Milk Brandspurng

With the new Hollandia Slim Evap Milk, consumers have the opportunity to achieve and maintain their “body goals”, without missing out on the fun of life. They can enjoy the complete, healthy, and nourishing benefits of milk, but with reduced fat, which can help them stay healthy, trendy, maintain good body shape, exude positivity and maintain self-confidence.

Hollandia Slim Evap Milk offers consumers the great option of including a milk product with moderate fat quantity in their diet, thereby supporting a healthy regimen without compromising on great taste and nourishment.

Rich in Calcium, Protein, Vitamins and Minerals, Hollandia Slim Evap Milk is essential for good health, strong bones, energy, and a stronger immune system. It comes in aseptic and hygienic Tetra Pak packaging and is expected to be a regular feature on breakfast tables in homes and offices around the country. It can also be used during tea and coffee breaks with snacks, and/or with other beverages.

According to CHI Limited Marketing Director, Mrs. Toyin Nnodi,

“Exercising regularly, eating healthy, and adopting a healthy lifestyle are the in-thing today. We are, therefore, introducing Hollandia Slim Evaporated Milk to cater to a large number of consumers who are very conscious of their health and desire to have the optimum weight and body shape they can reasonably achieve.”

“We believe that Hollandia Slim Evap Milk will be warmly received by all consumers, but even more so by those persons who desire to stay healthy, trendy, confident, whilst indulging in the goodness, richness and nourishment of milk without any guilt. In addition, we have made this product available at the right value price points to make it affordable and accessible to all consumers”.

Hollandia Slim Evap Milk is available in 60g, 120g, and 190g pack sizes which retail for N50, N100 and N150 respectively. The products can be purchased in supermarkets, departmental stores, markets, neighbourhood stores, and kiosks across Nigeria.