B+W Builders Private Limited Honored at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2020

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SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 2 December
2020 – Enterprise Asia is pleased to present an impressive list of
sixty-one outstanding award recipients at the Asia
Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) 2020 Regional Edition
. These leading
figures have set and proven themselves consistent and exceptional entrepreneurial spirit in going above and beyond expectations
during this unprecedented year. 

Established in 2007, APEA recognises outstanding entrepreneurs and organisation representing the best the
industry has to offer. An initiative by Enterprise Asia, the region’s leading
NGO, APEA is the largest regional recognition program, with over 3,000
nominations received each year, and less than one-tenth of that receiving the awards
in all 14 markets. 

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This year, Enterprise Asia has
rebranded its flagship program — APEA, from Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship
Awards to Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards with two additional enterprise
awarding categories – Inspirational Brand Award and Fast Enterprise Award in
bid to further recognise championing enterprises in strong
reputation and thriving growth. This brings APEA to a total of four awarding
categories — Master Entrepreneur, Corporate Excellence, Inspirational Brand,
and Fast Enterprise.

Due to the impact of the pandemic, APEA
2020 Regional Edition was commenced virtually on 20 November 2020 with the
theme of ‘Accelerating Growth Beyond
 The theme objective is to unlock boundaries
and shifting businesses to move beyond adaption and lead with impact. The APEA
has gathered distinguished business leaders and organisations across 14 countries and markets into one unparalleled platform
in fostering the continuity of sustainable entrepreneur growth in Asia.

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Company Introduction

B+W Builders Private Limited was incorporated in
July 2015 to enhance efficiency and to complement its sibling companies in the
highly competitive market. Having its roots in carpentry and joinery works
since 1971, it seeks to become a progressive organisation, constantly seeking
growth opportunities and rising up to challenges.


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With its humble beginnings, B+W Builders has
fostered a culture of excellence guided by its prudent and long-term view on
all business opportunities. Not only do the inherent tenacity, resilience and
determination imbued in the company form the basis of its growth, it also
enables the company to understand the journey and aspirations of individuals,
families, businesses and communities in which it provides for. B+W Builders
seeks to be a catalyst for stakeholders to jumpstart milestones in their life.

As building specialists who produce innovative
solutions through value added engineering, the Company ensures projects are
delivered on time and within budget. The focus is to complete complex and
challenging projects to the highest industry standards.

Growth Initiatives

Builders works in partnership with its clients, strong network of suppliers,
specialist trades people and business partners. Collectively, the Company
approaches all its projects focused on the best possible outcomes. By fostering
strong relationships, it ensures efficient and effective systems are in place
for every job.

Company’s competent professional teams demonstrate strong leadership, problem
solving skills and more importantly, it is not locked in the old paradigm. The
focus on intelligent and competitive delivery, twinned with resources gives the
Company the edge and ability to deliver work with passion and innovation.

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Achievements and Impact

B+W Builders
two core activities of property development and construction are highly
synergetic, allowing the sharing of resources and greater economies of scale.
In addition, the Company’s supporting businesses of mechanical and electrical
engineering works, manufacturing of fire rated doors and joinery/carpentry
provides additional value to its offerings.

B+W Builders
endeavours to continue to sharpen its operational efficiency and cost
effectiveness while improving the quality of its projects, allowing savings to
be passed to customers.

B+W Builders
holds strong to its corporate mission, which are customer satisfaction, basic
products, productivity and sustainable growth. B+W Builders passionate about
business for sustainable performance and implementation of new innovation
design. B+W Builders work closely with our team of partners architects,
interior designers, suppliers as well as our experienced installation teams to
bring the vision of our clients into a reality. For the past 20 years, the
company has always fulfilled its objectives and goals and delivered the quality
products that they were entrusted with. B+W Builders recognises the valuable
contributions of its employees, retain and develop the employees to their
fullest potential. B+W Builders create a culture of diversity and encouraging
equal opportunity.

Future Direction

Not only do the inherent tenacity, resilience  and determination imbued in the company  form the basis of its growth, it also
enables  the company to understand the
journey and  aspirations of individuals,
families, businesses and  communities in
which it provides for.

B+W Builders seeks to be a catalyst for 
stakeholders to jump start milestones in their life.

About Enterprise Asia

Asia is a non-governmental organisation in pursuit of creating an Asia that is
rich in entrepreneurship as an engine towards sustainable and progressive
economic and social development within a world of economic equality. Its two
pillars of existence are investment in people and responsible entrepreneurship.
Enterprise Asia works with governments, NGOs and other organisations to promote
competitiveness and entrepreneurial development, in uplifting the economic
status of people across Asia and in ensuring a legacy of hope, innovation and
courage for the future generation. For further information, visit

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About Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards

Launched in 2007, the Asia Pacific
Enterprise Awards is the region’s most prestigious awards for outstanding
entrepreneurship, continuous innovation and sustainable leadership. The Award
provides a platform for companies and governments to recognise entrepreneurial
excellence, hence spurring greater innovation, fair business practices and
growth in entrepreneurship. As a regional award, it groups together leading
entrepreneurs as a powerful voice for entrepreneurship and serves as a
by-invitation only networking powerhouse. The program has grown to encompass 14
countries and markets all over Asia. For more information, visit: www.apea.asia

B+W Builders Private Limited Honored at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2020

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B+W Builders Private Limited Honored at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2020 - Brand SpurB+W Builders Private Limited Honored at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2020 - Brand Spur

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B+W Builders Private Limited Honored at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2020 - Brand SpurB+W Builders Private Limited Honored at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2020 - Brand Spur

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China Dynamics Appoints International Advisors

Accelerates Expansion into Global Market


HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 28 January 2021 - China Dynamics (Holdings) Limited (the "Company"; Stock Code: 476, together with its subsidiaries, collectively "China Dynamics" or the "Group"), a provider of new energy vehicles and technology integrated solutions, has announced its Team of International Advisors for supporting its growth strategy in the global market.


The Team of International Advisors comprises Mr. Michael Perschke, Ms. Monika Mikac and Mr. Matthew Green.


Mr. Michael Perschke, Founder & Former CEO of Automobili Pininfarina, is the CEO of NAD (New Automovile Development). He has been in the automotive industry for 25 years, having served at such companies as Daimler Group, Mitsubishi Motors and Volkswagen Group, including the CEO of AUDI India. In respect of Mitsubishi Motors, he played a major role in the company's turnaround in Europe, whereas at AUDI, he demonstrated his strong branding background by creating the "AUDI SPORT" brand by uniting all Audi S and RS models under an umbrella brand strategy. In addition, Mr. Perschke ventured into the electric vehicle ("EV") segment and successfully developed the brand and sales strategy for the EV brand of AUDI -- the eTron. In early 2018 he founded Automobili Pininfarina as the first fully sustainable luxury EV brand, capitalizing on the legendary Italian design company Pininfarina, and supported by his key investor, the Mahindra Group (India). Mr. Perschke is among the top 20 global EV leaders and recently joined NAD -- an investment firm focusing on investments in EV, autonomous and connected technologies.


Mr. Perschke will support China Dynamics' European and Latin America market expansion and make contributions to the Group's investment and funding activities by leveraging his personal network.

Included among the European Automotive Rising Stars, Ms. Monika Mikac started her career as COO of Rimac Automobili; helping the company grow from a handful of employees to around 350 people. In being one of its first five staff members meant that she had to engage in a diverse scope of activities, spanning public relations and marketing to finance and administration. She also actively participated in fundraising efforts and helped Rimac Automobili to close their first round of funding in 2014 for €10 million, which was followed by €30 million in 2017.


With her extensive experience in marketing and business development, Ms. Mikac will be entrusted with helping support China Dynamics on its path towards becoming an internationally renowned electric bus manufacturer.


Mr. Matthew Green has been active as a principal and advisor in several transactions across diversified alternative asset classes, including renewable energy, real estate, technology and infrastructure, and covering key western European markets and large-scale emerging markets. With a focus on capital raising, transaction origination and debt financing, he has concluded transactions or advised on financing activities with leading global organizations, including Blackstone, Cerberus, BAML, GI Partners, and Bank of China Asset Management.


Mr. Green will assist in the Company's growth in the capital market by fostering new relations with leading global investors and forging industry alliances.


Mr. Miguel Valldecabres Polop, CEO of China Dynamics, said, "We are delighted and will look forward to working with the new team of professional advisors. As China Dynamics is growing into a leading global EV bus player and last mile transportation leader, it is critical that we build a diverse and globally experienced team to help the Company fulfill its mission of becoming one of the foremost international players in the market. The advisors are expected to draw on their wealth of knowledge and experience in the international marketplace to help China Dynamics identify opportunities around the world, accelerate its growth and strengthen its global presence."

About China Dynamics (Holdings) Limited (Stock Code: 476)

China Dynamics (Holdings) Limited is a pioneer and a prominent player in China's new energy commercial vehicles market, as well as a whole-vehicle manufacturer of specialty passenger vehicles and new energy passenger vehicles. It is an integrated driving and logistics solutions provider with a solid technological foundation in diverse areas including new energy platform power system and its key components. The Group has two production bases in Chongqing and it has developed its sales network in Mainland China, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

B+W Builders Private Limited Honored at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2020 - Brand Spur

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