Joinland Group Builds Community Connections In Papua New Guinea

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Joinland’s Central New Hanover Agro-Forestry Project Contributes To Community Growth On Isolated Island


 – 28 December 2020 – The Joinland Group, a diversified Malaysian
conglomerate of varied business interests, has constructed three church
buildings, three Pastor’s houses, three primary school double classroom
buildings, three elementary school buildings, three aid posts and a community
health worker’s house on the isolated and underdeveloped New Hanover island in
Papua New Guinea (PNG).


These buildings are part of Joinland’s ongoing
contributions to the economic and social development of Central New Hanover, which
results from the company’s licensed and regulated agro-forestry project on the

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New Hanover Project is a collaboration between Joinland with a local developer,
Tutuman Development Ltd. In January 2012, Joinland and Tutuman joined hands to
initiate the project
to plant rubber trees under the Special Agriculture Business Leases (SABL) arrangement.


are granted by PNG’s Department of Lands and Physical Planning to facilitate the
development of long-term commercial agricultural industries through the lease
of customary land. Under this arrangement, the customary landowners shall
benefit from rental payments, job creation opportunities and improved
facilities, among others.

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Joinland has made other investments in the
infrastructure of the island, which have benefited the local community. This
has included the construction of over 800 km of basic roadway. This new
roadway, through formerly inaccessible areas, has greatly expanded the social mobility
of New Hanover villagers, reduced their living costs and improved quality of

Since Joinland began operations on New
Hanover it has also built several clinics and recruited two doctors and four
nurses. These healthcare professionals primarily provide care to the 200
employees working for Joinland (approximately 70% of whom are locals who earn incomes at or above PNG statutory minimum wage), but they also provide healthcare and medicines to local residents who
require it — free of charge.

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Pedi Anis, the Chairman of Tutuman Development, Joinland’s partner on the New
Hanover project, comments, “Being a New Hanover native and an advocate of land
development, I am very pleased to be working with our Malaysian partner,
Joinland, on this endeavour that can stimulate growth and bring prosperity to
the people of New Hanover. Without initial and 
financial support from investors, no real change is ever going to be realised
and achieved on customary land.”

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on the project Dato’
Sri Thomas Hah Tiing Siu, the founder of Joinland, said, “We are delighted that through this project
we are having a real and positive impact on the lives of New Hanover residents
today. While many of the economic benefits from the almost four million rubber,
cocoa, coconut and native calophyllum trees (which we have already planted)
will only be enjoyed by residents in the future (when these trees reach
maturity), our investments in new schools, churches, homes and road building
are already benefiting communities who were economically and socially isolated.
We are determined to maintain and even enhance our efforts in partnership with
the Papua New Guinea government, New Hanover stakeholders and residents moving
forward. We remain committed to sustainably developing the island and improving
the lives of everyone on it, both now and in the future.”

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Since the project began in
2012, Joinland has planted over 2.5 million rubber trees, 560,000 cocoa
trees, 54,000 coconut trees and 800,000 native calophyllum trees. Currently, Joinland is planting 15
essential native trees for every single tree cleared as part of its forestry


Joinland has also constructed a
total of 73 permanent houses for local villagers, with another 45 houses under
construction. All houses built are supplied with water tanks by Joinland. So
far, a total of 1,814 water tanks, with a capacity equivalent to 9.07 million
litres of water, have been provided by Joinland – ensuring reliable clean water
for the people of New Hanover.


About Joinland Group

The Joinland Group is a diversified Malaysian conglomerate including
property, plantation, forestry and agricultural management, insurance and
shipping businesses, to name a few. The company operates businesses and
investments in many markets including Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Australia,
Papua New Guinea, China and New Zealand, among others.


The company was founded by Dato’ Sri Thomas Hah Tiing Siu, a self-made entrepreneur who started out in the cold storage business. In
2013 he was awarded the honorary title of Dato’ Sri by the Sultan of Pahang
(Malaysia) in recognition of his management skills and business acumen in
building the Joinland Group.


more information on the Joinland Group please visit

Joinland Group Builds Community Connections In Papua New Guinea

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Joinland Group Builds Community Connections In Papua New Guinea - Brand SpurJoinland Group Builds Community Connections In Papua New Guinea - Brand Spur

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Joinland Group Builds Community Connections In Papua New Guinea - Brand SpurJoinland Group Builds Community Connections In Papua New Guinea - Brand Spur

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