When Will Caprisonne Show Its Adult Fans Love

When Will Caprisonne Show Its Adult Fans Love brandspurng

Caprisonne, also known as Capri sun is a fruit drink that comes in a pouch size package and is popular among kids. There have been different flavours to satisfy the tastes of the target audience.

The mention of the drink spark childhood memories in people while others can’t get enough of it and still buy the drink for themselves. While some count this as childish and seem to have outgrown it, many see it as a glue between their childhood and their adult phase.

Those who can’t seem to forget this legendary drink are still consuming the drink and advocating for bigger sizes as the smaller size is not satisfactory in quantity.

When Will Caprisonne Show Its Adult Fans Love brandspurng

While this just seems like a mini outcry for the producers of caprisonne to do something. It is a wake-up call and a very strong business opportunity they can explore. They can create the bigger size of the popular flavours of caprisonne in limited quantity and test to see how the market received it.

If it is well adapted by the present adult generation then it can be assured that there is a new target segment. From these new products and ideas and even existing flavours can be pushed across to this newly discovered audience whose needs are being fulfilled.

Scaling the bigger size of the caprisonne brand will not be as hard as it seems due to the strong distribution network already available. What is need is just to capitalize on the existing distribution power while building new ones to reinforce the existing.

When Will Caprisonne Show Its Adult Fans Love brandspurng

Also, Communication can be focused on nostalgia and imagination. Communication can be centred on caprisonne bringing out the child in you and ideas created to reinforce this stance. As we all know that there are things we want to do but find it hard doing as an adult cause it is termed as childish, well caprisonne can break this taboos or disrupt this way of viewing things, issues and activities. A stance against this is one way for caprisonne to build the much-needed associations.


We, therefore, appeal to the makers of caprisun to show the fans that they love them by giving them what they want to while making more money in return. Kindly show that you place customers need ahead of any other thing and see it work magic