Slots with Free Spins Offer Real Money or Are They Scam?

The Unstoppable Rise Of The Online Casinos

There is this widespread assumption that you cannot win real money when you play slots with free spins. But how true is this statement really? If you have been playing Spin Station slots for a while then you probably know that there are numerous myths surrounding the game. Is this one of them?

Keep reading to find out.

Slots with Free Spins

Most modern slots include free spins rounds. These are mini-games where players do not have to pay to spin. Usually, free spin rounds also have other special features, such as linked reels, wilds, and multipliers.

The Unstoppable Rise Of The Online Casino

However, this is not the only way that you can get your hands on free spins. Most online casinos offer new players free spin bonuses. They can use this to play slots for free and hopefully accumulate some wins.

Can You Win Real Money with Free Spins?

Now, for the big question. Can you make some real money using these free spins? Absolutely. Contrary to what players believe, the machine cannot distinguish between free spins and spins paid for with real money. This means that there is no way that the machine can discriminate based on free spins.

However, it becomes a little more complicated when you are referring to free spins that you receive as a bonus from a casino. Other than free spins that you get from the slot itself, free spin bonuses usually come with terms and conditions attached.

While you do get free spin bonuses that do not require a deposit, they are very rare. Most often the free spin bonuses you come across will be deposit bonuses. This means that you need to make a deposit before you can get and use the bonus free spins.

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Besides the deposit, free spin bonuses also come with terms and conditions attached. One of the main terms is regarding wearing requirements. Most bonuses have wagering requirements.

They basically refer to the number of times you need to wager the bonus money (in the case of free spins, the winnings that resulted from the free spins) before you can withdraw any winnings. If you want to get the most out of your free spins, look for bonuses with wagering requirements between 15 and 25 times.

Wagering requirements also tend to have time limits, e.g. it needs to be wagered 25x within 30 days. The lower the wagering requirements, the more doable it will be.

Also pay attention to limits on how much you can, bet, win, or withdraw using these free spins. Most online casinos sneak these into terms and conditions. You don’t want to do anything that could result in you forfeiting your winnings.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, free spins can result in real cash prizes and in most cases they do. However, not all types of free spins come without any strings attached. So, if you are thinking about accepting an online casino bonus, please look at the terms and conditions. Not all bonuses are equal. You want to make sure that you accept the best offer possible.