What is a Megaways Slot?

Why People Prefer Online Slots of Over Roulette Brandspurng
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Winning on slots is a lot of fun, and it’s what some people play for – they’re not really interested in the game itself, they just want to win the jackpot. That’s fair enough (although if this is why you play, you’ll be missing out on all the fun you could be having, of course, which is a shame!).

For these people (and others) it’s a good idea to pick a slot that offers the best chance of winning.

This could indeed be a Megaways slot – check out our games. This type of game was created by Big Time Gaming and gives you the most number of ways to win any other slot. Here’s some more information so you get a good overview of what a Megaways slot is really like. 

What Are Megaways Slots?

The most common online slots you’ll find are those with five reels and three symbols per reel. These can be great fun, and they offer 243 paylines, which isn’t bad – that’s 243 ways to win. Yet there are slots that offer a whole lot more, and those slots are most often termed Megaways. 

These slots from Big Time Gaming are fascinating. From one spin to the next, you never know quite how many paylines are going to appear – it’s different every time, so the fun is increased.

The reels might have anything from two to eight symbols on them, so the number of different combinations you can get that will lead to a win varies hugely. There could be hundreds of thousands of ways to win overall. 

How Do Megaways Slots Work?

Megaways slots have changeable reels. This is the basis of how they work. The symbol height is different on each spin, so sometimes there will be more symbols showing (more ways to win) and sometimes less (fewer ways to win).

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It all depends on how things fall, which is always the case, although with the added variations it does make Megaways different and interesting to play. The maximum amount of pay lines on any Megaways game is 117,649. 

The majority of the Megaways slots that are played today have six reels and between two and eight symbols per reel. There are also multipliers and other reel modifiers, so the winning combinations actually increase over and above what you might expect. 


It’s the number of ways to win that, clearly, is going to make Megaways a great game to play, but there are other reasons too. These games have plenty of highlights. They include:

  • Every payout is multiplied by the stake
  • There are cascading reels which mean even more winning combinations (potentially)
  • There are usually bonus rounds which include free spins and multipliers
  • You might even be able to buy into a bonus round rather than waiting for the reels to give you the option 

How To Win At Megaways

In order to win when playing Megaways, you need to hit a pay line across the adjacent reels. It won’t matter what size the symbols are (this doesn’t have to match). So essentially, winning is the same as any other slot – the right combination of symbols must be seen across the reels. Yet with so many different ways to win, it’s an exciting prospect.