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Video slots at have been supremely popular ever since they were first introduced in the 1990s. It’s no wonder why; they are ideal for online casinos since they look great on-screen (although they can also be used in physical casinos, so if you love them, you can play them anywhere).

They are far more popular than mechanical slots, and they are certainly impressive things to play; the graphics are superb, and they are colourful and exciting.

Why People Prefer Online Slots of Over Roulette Brandspurng
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They also tend to include film clips and animations, making the most of the video element. Add to that the great soundtracks and you’ll find that more people want to play video slots than anything else. 

The History Of Video Slots

The 1990s were when video slots became popular, and it’s when they were properly introduced to the public, all thanks to online casinos giving them a space to work in. However, they were actually created in 1975.

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The game in question was called Fortune Coin, and it was made by the Fortune Coin Company. It was another four years until video poker was invented, so this first video slot really was something different.

It wasn’t particularly popular though. Perhaps this was because no one was really aware of video games, and movies weren’t quite ready to be introduced to the slots. 

In reality, it was another 19 years – 1994 – until video slots started to make a name for themselves. Bally Technologies made a slot machine that allowed players to choose a game since there were a number of different ones on the one slot unit. You simply had to tap the screen to choose, and this was a mind-blowing creation.

Two years later in 1996, Silicon Gaming created The Odyssey, and there was no looking back after that – video slots became cemented in people’s minds, and it was what they wanted to play when they went to a casino or played at one online. 

Why Do People Like Video Slots?

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There are many reasons why people like video slots. One is that you can have lots of different games in one unit, meaning that you can stick with one machine and work your way through the games until you find one you like the best. Next is the bonus games.

Before video slots, bonus games weren’t something you would find a lot of because, without the screens, it was too difficult to add them in. Once video slot technology became more widely used, bonus games could easily be inserted into the base games, switching between the two on the video slot screen. 

Video slots also have great themes. Again, it is the technology that allows for this to happen, and it is the themes that make people want to play these games over and above any others. Whatever it is you’re into, you’ll find a video slot with a theme related to it. 

If you’re interested in playing some great video slots, here are some to work out: 

  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Thunderstruck II
  • Mega Fortune
  • Wizard of Oz
  • Avalon II
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Top Video Slots to Try - Brand SpurTop Video Slots to Try - Brand Spur
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Top Video Slots to Try - Brand SpurTop Video Slots to Try - Brand Spur

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Top Video Slots to Try - Brand Spur

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Top Video Slots to Try - Brand Spur
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