The 7 IoT Trends Shaping 2021

The 7 IoT Trends Shaping 2021-Brand Spur Nigeria
The 7 IoT Trends Shaping 2021-Brand Spur Nigeria

Strategy Analytics’ IoT predictions for 2021, have been shaped by the disruptive forces which have dramatically altered the global business ecosystem.

Despite the turmoil caused by the pandemic, the IoT represents a real area of opportunity. IoT solutions have matured, are scalable, and legitimized by hyper scalers, according to a new Strategy Analytics report, “7 Key Predictions for the IoT in 2021”.

According to Andrew Brown, Executive Director of Enterprise Research at Strategy Analytics, and author of the report, “The pandemic has placed a huge burden on businesses to become flexible, agile, and safe, both for their workforces and, in many cases, business survival.

This means rapid digitalization and investment in the tools to make this possible. IoT is a critical lynchpin in achieving those ends. Moreover, these requirements are happening at a time when IoT can be delivered at scale; devices and platforms are becoming affordable, intelligence is moving to endpoints, networks are more capable and cloud hyperscalers are becoming dominant.”

Gina Luk, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Research at Strategy Analytics, added, “The value of monitoring and remote control of assets, has increased exponentially. Some sectors have gone from moving slowly to moving rapidly, such as healthcare.

Ecommerce is booming, driving increased demand in logistics and warehousing as well as supply chain optimization. IoT project roll-outs are still happening and will rebound in 2021.

The accelerated shift to Digital Transformation because of the pandemic will leave IoT in a healthy position in many industries, especially as economies start to rebound.”

The Strategy Analytics IoT Strategies Report “7 Key Predictions for the IoT in 2021is available at the link to subscribers.