What You Need To Know About “Shade Corner” Season 4 Reunion Special

“Shade Corner” Season 4 Reunion Special-Brand Spur Nigeria
“Shade Corner” Season 4 Reunion Special-Brand Spur Nigeria

The fourth season of Accelerate TV’s “Shade Corner” comes to an end with a reunion special featuring our favorite group which includes Akah, Tamara, Noble, and Dayo.

We were not going to give you a reunion episode without guests and for this episode, Biodun Laaro is our moderator, he is the face of Accelerate TV News. We also invited huge fans of the show to be a part of the episode.

“Shade Corner” Season 4 Reunion Special-Brand Spur Nigeria
Biodun & Tamara-Brand Spur Nigeria

We get to put the gang on the hot seat with questions about themselves, did you know that Noble has been called to The Nigerian Bar Association, Tamara is a writer, Bayo is a fashion designer and we saved the best for last Akah (father, husband, content creator and Genz associate).

You can tell that the pack sticks stronger than gorilla glue, we found out how the shady bunch assembled and also how they have handled celebrities who have confronted them on the streets for speaking their truth.

What You Need To Know About “Shade Corner” Season 4 Reunion Special - Brand Spur

The episode gets competitive when the fans go against the shady bunch, make sure to tune in to see who wins. We also have some drinking games, so make sure you have something in your cup.

 “You can feel the love between the cast and this is why we adore the shady bunch. They are all so unique and talented in various ways.” said Colette Otusheso, Head of Accelerate TV.

Watch the reunion of Shade Corner season 4 below;

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