Reducing Schooling Expenses: The Scholarship Method

Reducing Schooling Expenses: The Scholarship Method-Brand Spur Nigeria
Reducing Schooling Expenses: The Scholarship Method-Brand Spur Nigeria

Nigeria is a very competitive place to work due to the increasing population but the rate of unemployment in Nigeria is alarming and scary.

This has lead young Nigerians to find greener pastures elsewhere. The number of young Nigerians attempting to leave the country keeps increasing daily and one of the ways by which they can easily leave is through Education.

Many leave to get a good job that pays them well while enjoying the benefits that the place of migration offers. Schooling is a means to get a good job that pays in choice destinations such as the United States of America and Europe and this has lead to lead to the increase in people seeking this route to travel.

Another reason is the fact that is that it is easier and cheaper to get student Visa approved. This has also lead to the increase in interest in travelling through this method.

Schooling in those countries is however expensive and even some of the cheapest school tuition fees run into millions of Naira. These as served as the obstacle in studying abroad but there are means to reduce the tuition fees or even get not to pay tuition fees and the most popular and easiest route to that is the scholarship.

Scholarship serves as a form of helping hand to those who want to study abroad and have good academic grades and most scholarships fall into these categories:

– Private Organisation funded scholarship
– Government-funded scholarship
– Course based scholarships
– Sports-based scholarships
– Research-based scholarships
– University-funded scholarships
– Charity and philanthropist- based scholarship.

Many schools have a list of Scholarship available ranging from internal to external scholarship on their websites and making research before applying is very important. You need to know what kind of scholarship and the requirements involved in getting that kind of scholarship.
Also, by research you get to see if you are eligible for that kind of scholarship and how to apply.

It is also worth knowing that most scholarships require you to gain applicaton to an approved school among the lists of schools that are beneficiaries to their scholarship Programme. An internal scholarship scheme by schools is divided into two: the automatic one where you are given school based on just the assessment of your grades and the other one is the task related scholarship where you are required to write an essay or statement of purpose and some require you have writing an exam, an example is IETS for English proficiency.

It is also worth noting that there are scholarships that covers all your expenses while studying and this type of scholarship might require you coming back to your country of birth while there is tuition based scholarship that are broken into two: the first is the full tuition scholarship being awarded while the other is the partial scholarship that reduces the amount to be paid as tuition fees.

Getting a scholarship might not be as easy as you think when the process starts but the benefits attached to it is what you should be focusing. Goodluck on your getaway to having the life you envision.