TECNO TAIVOS™ Lab: How can signal processing and AI Imaging build the ultimate selfie


HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 18 May 2021 – TECNO, a rising global smartphone brand, is taking huge steps forward with its cutting-edge innovations in AI-enhanced photography through its TECNO TAIVOS™ Lab. Set up to enhance photography and videography through research and deep analysis, the lab’s rational and meticulous approach has been garnering a lot of attention as well as adoption. With a goal of enhancing image beautification through photography and videography technology, TECNO’s TAIVOS™ Lab has been provided users an excellent and unprecedented visual experience, especially at night and low-light environments and its AI imaging boost a lot in the selfie exemplifying the latest TECNO CAMON 17 Pro.

It is this understanding of the subjectiveness of beauty, which has led to the establishment of several imaging research centers and localized non-entity joint research institutions worldwide. These centers add to the growing and substantial research already conducted at the three core centers in China. More than 3000 local samples with approximately 6,120 evaluation scenarios spanning 115 countries enable the team possible to focus on the localized ethnic research, overall social aesthetic ideology and subjective aesthetic preference research, the author explored localized image product effect debugging, development and evaluation, so as to make the experience of product image effect direction conform to the localization trend. This covers at least 95% of the scenarios in which users will be utilizing their cameras. Where proof collection is concerned, TECNO is partnering with both individuals and organizations in the private and public sectors, with information and raw data coming from direct local, ethnographical sources.

Equipped with the 3A Algorithm and ISP (Image Signal Processor) module, all the TECNO TAIVOS™ verified cameras can be achieved a staggering 4,500 fine tuning parameters. This provides thoroughly fine-tuned and polished images with TECNO products. It helps to sharpen images for all three major skin types, covering all people groups, especially for those with darker skin tones. The Material Library inclusively extends over nine skin types and 76 categories. The materials were used over 1.3 billion times in 2020, with over 24 million users accessing this library. This assures consumers that no matter where they come from, their beauty can be enhanced effectively. It ensures higher quality selfies taken in day or night conditions. It explains the CAMON 17’s prowess through the Super Night Mode, which adds unrivalled clarity to photos, even when taken in the dark. The 1.6μm camera lets in more light and optimizes details against a low-light background. It also boost the quality dimensions of videography, such as “anti-shake, texture, noise, color, pseudo color”, as well as the application of video HDR, video night scene, video ZOOM and other scenes.